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An 'X' will be placed beside those that don't.
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Some of these things are over-hyped, resulting in an under-welming experience. Some don't deserve to be so high on many lists. Others just suck.

May contain spoilers.
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Excluding shorts and cartoons.
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I think that 1997 was film's best year. Look at all the blockbusters and amazing flicks that came out then!
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I did create this list before that was up for a couple of hours. But it was a list of characters, so half the ones I wanted didn't even pop up. I thought about putting those ones in this section and the ranking here, but that would be confusing and hard to follow.

This list is how I honestly feel.
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Only Michael Myers' movies, so no "Season of the Witch."
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These things are said to be either really bad or okay. They're not.
Some of these were meant for fun and should not be taken seriously.
Some are what I call "hobby movies," things to watch to pass time or if you're tired or want to feel good.
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Hot older ladies. Mothers I'd Like to *beep*
Some people find these chicks too old or too ugly. Those people are too picky!
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These are truly the best actors in history. You may find some unfamiliar names, but they're bigger in theatre than film.
This is not in any particular order. So scroll down if you can't find someone right away; they're all here:)
I'll also include what you should see that proves they're the best. A few do not do justice.
A list of actors don't get better than this!
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The Expendables is an action movie followed by a sequel starring very well-known action hero.
If there was to be a movie with EVERY well-known action star and director alive, it would be an Expendables movie consisting of these people.
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