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Dire in the extreme, 11 March 2016

This really is the most awful show. Clichéd writing and amateurish performances makes this a decidedly disappointing viewing experience. Time to bring it all to an end and move on to something watchable.

The situations are poor and the execution of them is laboured. It is almost as though a team of writers have come together to think up the most obvious, in your face, situations and have then proceeded script them. One of the disadvantages of teams of scriptwriters on a show is that the ideas pass through a committee stage and most of the good ones don't get through.

If it were not for the US The Office I would award this the worst comedy ever.

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Thoroughly enjoyable! Quality drama!, 20 January 2013

What a marvellous 2 parter. The acting and settings were very good indeed. The story moved very nicely, building the appropriate tensions throughout. Based on a novel by Alan Furst, of whom I had never heard, it was historically accurate(with the exception of some British beer mugs in Prague). I hope the makers will give us more of the novels in the same format.

The first part was sufficient to make me buy the first of the Night Soldiers novels by Alan Furst. Having already read it, I shall now read the rest of the series, in sequence, so a way to go before I reach Spies of Warsaw.

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Very enjoyable, if divergent from the book., 5 February 2012

I would have scored 10 for this series, except for the fact that it doesn't truly follow the accounts written in the book from which it is taken.

Some of the diversions from the book are to allow the characters other than Jenny Lee to have stronger story lines, which I can accept to an extent. But some of the story lines have been expanded for dramatic effect, so they are not relying upon the original author's memoirs, but rather the imagination of the scriptwriters, which I think is somewhat regrettable.

Having said that I am finding the series entirely watchable, and enjoyable. All the cast seem to be good, but I must say I am most impressed with Miranda Hart as Chummy, what a brick she is.