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French New wave in LA
15 May 2004
A zany mix of old 60's cinema landed in the middle of Los Angeles even though they would have you believe it is Europe. There are layers upon layers of inside jokes in this cool comedy. Everything from a bunch of obvious American actors trying to do the whole movie in French to the "Spanish Pimp" they meet who happens to speak French better than any of them. The black and white footage looks authentically damaged to be an archive and there is a kind of Beattle's "Sergeant Pepper" quality to the group of guys who are the gang that takes us through the film. I watched this with some French natives and they were laughing even harder than I was so I guess the playful bashing around with the genre is taken in good fun even by the French. That's good as they've seen enough bashing lately from the Americans. I highly recommend this little 10 minute slice of 60's style cinema.
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