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The following list is about my favorite animated features, ranked by preference.

Almost all stories are sourced from comic-book arcs (DC/Marvel), so I'm just ignoring how well or badly the screenplay was adapted. For example, Justice League: Doom ranks fairly high, even though they totally messed up the Tower of Babel arc, because it's still a pretty good story to watch.

Spin-offs or direct-to-video sequels are eligible too. Anime isn't.
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Computer-animated films rarely, if ever, fail to delight. It's a privilege, really, to live in the information age.

The following list is about CGI-animated movies, ranked by my personal preference. Therefore, there are some inconsistencies with popular consensus (for instance, I think Wall-E was quasi-philosophical aberration from Pixar's perfectly good entertainers)

Movies that use motion capture animation heavily are excluded (like they are excluded in Oscars since 2010). That means no Tintin or Christmas Carol on this list.
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