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I loved The Wedding Date!, 5 February 2005

I want see this movie again. After reading some reviews, I had my doubts, but I have to say that I had a good time watching Wedding Date. I found myself laughing throughout the movie, and Mulroney is absolutely hot. Messing is perfect as Kat. They have great chemistry. The writing is smart and fun. I liked how the story unfolded, and the pace was just right. Wedding Date has a few twists and turns to keep it from being another formula flick. The story and characters are refreshing and different enough that it doesn't mimic other movies for me. The English countryside is beautiful, and the other scenes added a romantic touch too. I liked the decor of the her parents' home and her old bedroom. It complimented the romantic theme well and made me look. Any romantic will enjoy this fun and sexy romp.

Open Range (2003)
good movie!, 20 February 2004

I really enjoyed this movie. Duvall never disappoints me. It's a realistic and believable western. Nice balance of drama, action, romance and humor. Great scenes and cinematography. I recommend seeing this movie.