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These are some films I haven't seen yet, but want to.
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If you're wondering "Should I see [a movie on this list]?" I really think that you should. All of them are lively and notable, and not too obscure.

If you think about it, it's only like twelve weeks of just sleeping and movies. You've still got time.
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For the purposes of argument, these are all the fiction films I have ever seen. If I say "films are like this," these are the films I'm thinking of when I make that judgement. Sexist, is what they are. All films are sexist.
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These are the essential films which have fewer than 25k ratings on IMDB as of 2013, making them the most obscure of the feature films I like. For shame, Internet. For shame.
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These are either films where the main dude is a woman, or films which are especially relevant to the experience of being a woman. I am not an expert.
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Movies about the male experience of being men.
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Plus some puppetry and talking animals.