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Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009)
A raw, intense, visceral ride not to be missed.
30 June 2006
I watched the original (2004) miniseries and television previews and had a gut feeling I would be liking the show/series. I have finally had the time to buy and watch Season 1 ( which includes the miniseries ) and Season 2 and it has reinforced my earlier opinions.

My best description of the new series is: Dark,Intense,Emotional,Suspenseful.

The combination of new plot twists with the character changes, music, new special effects, and good writing have me deeply drawn-in to this series. Watching this miniseries again, I like it even more than the first time I watched it in '04.

As a fan of the original Star Trek, I didn't watch the Next Generation for several years thinking the new series was Blasphemy. I didn't make the same mistake with this series.......I enjoyed the original Battlestar, but this iteration takes the concept to a whole new level.The character flaws, emotional development and intensity, and surprise twists will draw you in.

I fervently hope this series will take us all the way to Earth before ending.

Get involved with this series. If you like SF with good writing, production values,and action you will enjoy this.Once you are drawn into this you won't be able to stop watching.
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Awesome movie, well done.
19 February 2004
This was a well done movie, blending the series and the original Highlander very well. The villain was intense, the tie in with the other movies was great. Incorporating the characters from the original highlander movies and the series worked brilliantly.

The love stories of both characters were well done, the blend of music and photography lent a great emotional context to those scenes. The humor displayed by both characters added a wonderful dimension, and after seeing the rough cut on the DVD, and the finished ending of the movie, I am impressed with the producers choice of ending.

As a fan of both the series and the original movie, I was very emotionally moved by this movie.
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