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Amusing crime drama, 8 February 2012

I will start with a sentence: it isn't usual American crime drama. Throughout the scenario you will be submerged in Scandinavian culture with their simplicity, beautiful landscapes and people who prefer to keep silent instead of talking things people around already know... and that sounds kinda Sicilian :)

Watched both first series and wow! ... waiting for the next one :)

simply brilliant!

And, yes - I meant "amusing" as it is full with original and interesting Norwegian characters and loaded with comedy elements.

Humm, many will say the name of the real town is Lillehammer, but remember that the name of his dog was Lily - and then the picture is complete.

If you are after blood, whores, drugs and uber violence - these TV series are not probably for you - it is all about being what? hey - watch it!

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Superb story, 4 February 2012

I love the idea behind this story... maybe just because I am a businessman myself (though in a small scale).

If you like thinking about the life and responsibilities of people - it is a "must see" movie.

Can't wait to see next part :)

hum, what I didn't like?

Didn't like that leading business people give up that easy... Doing business is more than making money or creating value - mostly is is just to see what will happen next.