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The New Feminine Daniel Tiger Voice Ruins The Show, 26 March 2017

This show used to be a clear 7 or 8 until the newest season but has been ruined by the new voice casting.

Voices are everything when it comes to animation but clearly the show has now cast a female/woman's voice as the new voice for Daniel Tiger.

The voice is certainly no longer Devan Cohen but seems like PBS is keeping quiet about it.(clear difference from the two)

There is nothing wrong with female voices as male characters, many have been successful in the past, but this voice is clearly feminine and does not fit the character of Daniel Tiger, especially after the first few seasons.

I understand that casting a female voice keeps you from having to constantly rehire a new boy actor every couple of years but this voice clearly doesn't fit and you might as well call the show "Danielle Tiger."

The show needs to rehire a new voice for the next season.

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A far cry from Nemo or Dory, 26 March 2017

You certainly cannot compare a PBS KIDS show to a Pixar movie creation but it's hard not to compare to what you already know with Nemo or Dory.

The voices of the characters are probably the hardest thing to get around. Many children shows have went to casting children as the voices for characters. In Splash and Bubbles, these are clearly older voice actors trying to change their voices to fit these fish/animals and sounds forced and unnatural.

The best adjective to describe it is "whiney" or sounding like "baby talk."

These voices also make the singing and music difficult to bare. It's neither catchy or pleasant as you may find elsewhere like on Bubble Gubbles.

This is a new show and I don't see it sticking around for long, and if it does - It's clearly do to a contract in place.

Times have changed with animation. Recast the voices and we might give it another try.

La La Land (2016/I)
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I Don't Even Like Musicals and I Liked It, 19 December 2016

This is a normal review from a normal, average viewer of movies. I say this is non-biased because I don't rant and rave over musicals, nor do I actually enjoy them on a regular basis.

I went with my wife to see this movie on a date night. The opening scene was a traditional break into dance sequence that was kind of a turn off... but after that, the movie got better.

The acting was great, as Gosling and Stone are always good in their roles. Not to mention, their chemistry on screen was fantastic as always. They are just really believable as a couple.

The director couldn't have picked two better actors to portray the roles on screen.

There was quite a bit of singing and some dancing on screen but hearing it from Stone and Gosling made it believable. The music and score were enjoyable and the story itself was hard to beat.

So if you're someone who enjoys good acting and a great story, I would highly recommend it.

And if you're someone who doesn't typically enjoy musicals, I would still encourage you to check it out, especially if you're a guy looking to take your wife/gf to a nice flick.

You'd be silly not to take them to this movie, because it's a great story and has Ryan Gosling, she will be smiling for days.

I predict it will definitely win some awards come Oscar season.

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Easily The Worst Late Night Show of All Time (Biased and political), 4 November 2016

Seth Myers is easily the worst late night show host of all time. I have no clue how he got picked to take over for Jimmy.

I'm moderate, and I can't stand how sickly biased he is with his un-funny comedy. All of his jokes are liberal based and he constantly has a political agenda. It's all negative.

Let's be honest. The only reason he gets ratings is because he comes on after Jimmy Fallon, one of the highest rated most watched shows on t.v. People literally just leave it on as background noise as they fall asleep on the couch or prep for the next day.

If he was on any other channel, he would have been canceled after the first few months.

Not funny, biased, rude, over political and NBC should allow Carson Daly to have Myers spot on t.v.

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Not an Oscar Winner - But a Satisfying Film, 27 February 2016

Some films are merely created for entertainment and to tell a story. This is one of those films that you're not going to hear about during award season but it was certainly satisfying and worth the time.

Egerton was a perfect choice to play Eddie, from his off beat humor to his on spot facial expressions, and Hugh Jackman is a great compliment as the supporting role. Both characters are total opposites, each flawed in their own way, but really mesh together on screen.

The movie is fun and the story, based on the Eddie the Eagles dream of going to the Olympics, was nicely told with clean comedy paced throughout.

Not knowing the outcome of the true story, I was on edge rooting for Eddie throughout - just like the crowds in the stands on film.

Really glad they made this film, it's such a fun story and Eddie The Eagle is so deserving for a film that honors his hard work dedicated to his Olympic dream.

Have fun with this one!

Deadpool (2016)
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Over-rated Comedy with little Depth, 26 February 2016

As of now, this movie somehow has the same top rating as Saving Private Ryan and Raiders of the Lost Ark?

Hardly think this movie belongs anywhere close, merely blown up by comic book fans who think that a guy who wears a mask with crude jokes is the best movie of all time.

Forced comedy, lack of a story-line makes this movie more of a DVD watch on a lazy Tuesday evening. Reynolds is good, and this is his perfect role. Certainly entertaining for college students and comic book junkies but this is a one time watch at best for those who appreciate a quality story and acting.

Lincoln (2012)
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Lincoln is good, but something only History Teachers will want to watch more than once, 17 November 2012

I have written a few reviews on IMDb, and actually consider myself a movie snob. If the rating to any move is below a 7.0, then I will not go watch it at a the theater. So what I'm basically saying is that if I could go back, I would save the 2 1/2 hours I spent watching Lincoln in the theater because I'm giving it a 6.

Let me get straight to the point, Daniel Day-Lewis was brilliant... uncanny resemblance to Lincoln. As far as all the other actors and the script to the movie itself, not so much. I wasn't expecting fireworks or anything exciting, because this movie is exactly what it is supposed to be, the biographical story of the 16th President and how he went about ending the Civil War and abolishing slavery with the 13th amendment, but I was hoping for much more from Spielberg and this cast.

In fact, no one can possibly even write a review for this movie "containing spoilers" because there is really nothing to spoil.

The scenes are long and talkative, and a few times I was tempting to get up and go to the restroom just so I could wake myself up, and there didn't really ever seem to be any type of climax.

Just preparing you if you decide you want to watch the movie. I have no idea who these people are giving it a 10 out of 10, and saying they wanted to go back and watch it again, because honestly I have no need nor desire to sit through another 2 1/2 hours of anti-climatic long winded political talk, if I wanted to do that, I would just watch youtube videos of congress.

6 out of 10, Day-Lewis was brilliant, good movie but something you won't want to watch twice unless you're a history teacher, and well worth the wait for it to come out on DVD. Thanks!

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Over-hyped....Good overall and Great in Some Ways, 23 July 2012

You'll see many reviews on this film stating "best film ever" or "greatest action movie of all time".... which all seem to stem from the over-hype of the ending to this trilogy.

Don't get me wrong, I thought the movie was good and actually great in many ways (the quality acting), but in the end there were just too many plot points trying to be made, and when a movie has so many connections trying to be made, it always seems a bit jumbled and forced.

So far, this movie is rated a 9.2 on IMDb...which means it's almost tied to be one of the best movies of all time, which it most definitely is not(This is not even the best movie that I've seen this year) If anything, the first two movies in the trilogy "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight" should be ranked higher than this third part of the series.

Christopher Nolan is a great director and his writing is very good. I love how he showed that Batman/Bruce Wayne is merely a man and has flaws like anyone. So many action movies are so fake and their characters are hard to believe, but Nolan makes his characters believable in his writing, pairing that with great actors and overall the movie is very good but again was too over-hyped.

Again, the main flaw in this movie is the connection of too many plot- points and characters. Well worth the watch, but there are many things that I would change about the movie but won't give details due to not wanting to spoil anything.

Enjoy the ending of the Batman Trilogy.

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Good but not Great........, 2 June 2012

I gave Snow White and the Huntsman a 7 out of 10, because it's a decent movie, but definitely not great. I was honestly disappointed in the lack of climatic events in the movie.

As much action as the previews show, the movie really didn't have much going on as far as fight scenes. I guess that's what I get for trying to compare it to a, let's say "Lord of the Rings" fight scenes.

Chris Hemsworth was solid as always, he's a Grade A actor yet with only the showings of Thor and Snow White.

Charlize Theron makes a perfect witch/evil queen as she is beautiful and her acting is also solid in this flick. I feel as if they got it right with picking her and Hemsworth for their roles.

As for Kristen Stewert....overrated. I still don't know how she continues to get big role after big role. If anyone has noticed, many of her movies get very poor ratings on IMDb (including all the Twilight flicks) and I think she has something to do with that. There just isn't ever a lot of depth or passion in her acting. Even during a monologue where she was giving a motivational speech in this film, I felt as if a sudden bout of boredom came over me. I feel as her character of Snow White wasn't well presented in this film, but maybe I'm just being critical.

Anyway, I hope this is helpful. The movie is good but not great...more of a movie kids will like but most adults honestly won't want to watch it again when it comes out to DVD....I would go see Men in Black 3 instead this week if you have a chance to pick between the two. Thanks.

Detachment (2011)
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A Glimpse into the Reality of Life, 6 March 2012

So many people are broken and hurt. Many fear of getting too close in order to keep from getting hurt once more....

This movie is fantastic look into the brokenness of people in society, along with our need as humans for affirmation and too belong. It not only has an artistic side, but this movie is so real in many ways, which everyone (or at least most) can relate too.

I highly enjoy this film and is yet another brilliant role played by Adrian Brody, quite possibly his best role and story since "The Pianist." The supporting cast was also great.

My opinion on this film may be biased, solely on the fact that I only enjoy films that touch the heart and soul (or at least makes me think/feel) and this is one film that made me want to go out and change the world for the better.

This film is well worth while to watch from beginning to end. The Academy needs to look into nominated Adrian Brody for an Oscar with this performance. One of the few movies that I would watch over again with a friend and well worth your while.

I can see why it won so many awards at Film Festivals.

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