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Catwoman (2004)
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Critics Failed, 23 January 2005

This movie was one the critics totally blew on. They focused do hard on the fact that this movie didn't have the "Batman" theme in it. This is why I do not think they saw the movie before commenting. If they had seen it they would have seen the beginning where it gave a little history of Catwomen. Plus they would have seen how well acted this movie was. The drama, the superb action and the super comedy in the right places were things that made this an extremely entertaining movie. And isn't that what movies are supposed to be! I think we need more people to criticize the critics so that they will actually watch movies for entertainment not for what they think they should be. I loved this movie and saw it 4 times opening weekend and now have it on DVD.

Gothika (2003)
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Ghostly story line that keeps you looking, 24 March 2004

Halle, as usual, really makes this movie pop. The story is great for Halle fans and ghost story, horror, scary movie fans. Cool concept on this story of ghost that only appear to certain people for their own reasons. You must see this one if you like being scared or love trying to figure out what in the world could happen next. Halle's range of emotion is undeniably super star as she goes from reality to madness. The way she fights to hang on to her sanity will make you cheer for her. The specters that haunt her will make you afraid for her. The whole crew did a great effort to keep the senses on edge as things can happen in a blink of an eye. Halle will make you believe that saying in the movie that just because you are dead doesn't mean you have gone. You may even get a chill from the phrase Not Alone, after seeing this one.

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A movie every one should see, 18 February 2004

I think this is one of those movies everyone should see. The emotions run the spectrum. Alfre Woodard was as outstanding as the lead character. No one could have played it better. It shows so many things about life you have to see to understand. It shows things like how people can get hung up on thinking about racism or discrimination they don't see the love that those close to them are pouring out. It also shows how we can make judgements which knowing and still have the ablitly to change. Watch this movie and learn.