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Decent Supernatural teen drama, 1 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As a fan of Charmed I at first thought "The Secret Circle" was just a teen rip off of Charmed. However after watching the first few episodes I began to see the potential for this to become a great "witch show". I think the show really hits its stride with the 4th episode "Heather" which was an all round great episode with slight "The Exorcist" undertones. I think the follow up episode "Slither" was also great and I believe the killing off Nick and bringing in his witch/witch-hunter brother Jake who is an old adversary of lead male Adam was a clever idea.

I look forward to further episodes and sincerely hope Faye and Melissa get more to do as both have a lot of potential in particular Faye.

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Great series, 31 January 2007

I was a die-hard Monarch of the Glen fan during the shows initial run from 2000 - 05 and I followed it religiously through story lines such as the Lexie/Archie/Katrina love triangle, Stella Moon taking over at Glenbogle, the wolves storyline, Hectors death, Lexie & Archies eventual union & of course secret brother Pauls introduction. I would say the best of the show is the first 4 series, from series 5 onwards the show takes a new direction with old characters departing and new ones arriving and whilst it still stays perfectly watchable up until the end the quality of earlier series isn't really there.

Overall I'd give it 10/10 though for the drama/acting & of course Scottish scenery.

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Brilliant 1990s Britcome, 20 September 2006

Birds of a feather was a great sitcom which is very underrated. It ran for 9 years & over 100 episodes yet only one DVD has been released so far. Best actress by far was Pauline Quirke whom was born to play Sharon (I disagree completely with the user above who says she was the worst) Linda & Lesley were also great Lesley especially in support. The best of 'Birds of a Feather' was the first 6 series with the original actors playing Darryl & Chris, their replacements are nowhere near as good (although Chris's replacement actyally played Chris first ironically). Classic episodes such as Dorien singing Madonna's 'Like a Virgin' & Sharon & Tracey going to LA thinking George Hamilton is a relative make this a show to remember & be watched by new generations.

I hope the whole series is released to DVD soon!