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Collateral (2004)
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Metropolitan life, 23 February 2006

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LA taxi driver Max was not satisfied with his status quo. He was planning to start his own business. One day he met a passenger Vincent who said he was a businessman. Vincent wanted to use him for the whole night. At first Max did not agree. After Vincent offered a good price, he accepted it. He just did not realize that he made a big mistake. A dangerous city game began.

The film was not only a thriller but a drama for exploring the complicated relationship between city people. As I live in Shanghai (16 million population), I can identify what the movie expressed. It is the fierce competition that make cold metropolitan. Somebody fight for living. Somebody fight for good living. There are so many people in the metropolitan, but we always feel so lonely.

I particularly like the far shots. They brought me strong visual impact. Of cause wonderful acting and music should not be overlooked. If Jamie Foxx did not win the best actor for Ray, he also could win the Oscar award for Collateral.

A thought-provoking drama. 8/10

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Eternal love, 23 February 2006

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A princess came to Roma to have a public visiting. As a young girl, she was bored of continual tasteless activities. One night she sneaked out of her living room. When she came to the street of Roma, she was deeply attracted by the ordinary life of Italian. In the end she was so tired that she slept on a street chair. An American journalist Joe accidentally saw her and took unhappily her to his apartment. When he learned her true identity, an interesting and romantic journey commenced.

What happened at the mouth of truth was the funniest scene in the movie. Although they got one day to stay together, their love would be eternal. True love is not up to how long you stay with your another half. Once happened, it will be eternal no matter how short is.

Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck brought me unforgettable performance. Cute Audrey absolutely deserved her Oscar award (the best actress).

An all time romance classic you should not miss. 9/10

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Cruel war, 21 February 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The story happened in the Second World War. Private Ryan's three elder brothers were killed in battles. The US army decided to send Ryan back to home to alleviate his mother's pain. Captain Miller accepted the task, though he was not satisfied with it including other members. It was said that Ryan was in German-dominated-France-area. Every team member knew its hardship.

The opening battle that happened in Omaha beach was fierce and unforgettable. The similar scenes also occurred in wonderful TV series Band Brothers. When Miller led seven people to execute the mission, that reminded me of The lord of the rings. Of cause the task in TLOTR was more difficult.

Life is precious. However a war can easily kill many people. The war is ruthless so that you must be cold-blooded or get killed in battlefield. Peace is really what we should cherish.

An excellent thought-provoking war drama. 9/10

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A wonder, 21 February 2006

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Little girl Amy survived a car accident. But her mother was not so lucky. She went to live with her father who was very busy on his job. Although her father tried his best to make her happy, she still could not wipe away sorrow. One day she found some wild goose eggs that appeared near a broken tree. She decided to take artificial incubation for them. As times went by, 16 cute wild gooses were born. These gooses brought huge pleasure to Amy. However they had to learn to fly because they belonged to migratory bird. In fact a bigger problem was waiting for Amy and her father.

What the film depicted was really a wonder. The whole flying process was exciting. More happily, Amy constructed a closer relationship with her father.

Anna Paquin successfully played a brave little girl. She proved her acting ability again after her impressive performance in academy-award-winning The piano (she won the best supporting actress at 11).

An excellent uplifting drama. 9/10

Insomnia (2002)
Small mistake causes big mistake, 9 February 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Will was a veteran detective. Although he succeeded on several cases, he would be faced with the accusation of wrongdoing. When he and his partner were sent to assist solving a murder case happened in Alaska, the investigation on him was still going on. His partner was a key witness on his own case. He tried to persuade his partner to give up, but failed. More head aching, he killed mistakenly his partner in an operation of hunting the killer. He covered the truth. His agony just began.

Sometimes we make a mistake, and then we conceal it. It turns out to lead to bigger mistake because you have to make continually mistakes to prevent the exposure of truth. The price usually is huge.

Al Pacino wonderfully played a sympathizing detective. He should have won a nominee for the academy award at least.

An excellent thriller. 8/10

A drunkard's story, 8 February 2006

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Don was an unsuccessful writer. Although he wanted to write a novel, he did not write any word. That should be mainly attributed to his alcoholism. It looked like that without drink he could not live. Luckily his family did not abandon him. His younger brother offered him an apartment and paid the rent for him. More luckily he met his true love Helen. Could they separate him from alcohol? The situation was not optimistic because he just spoiled a planned weekend.

Everything has a limit. If you walk over the line, that will become a disaster. It not only brings bad effect to yourself but people love you. Although it is difficult to control, you have to face it by yourself.

Ray Milland amazingly played a disgusting alcoholic. Although Nicolas Cage's performance in Leaving Las Vegas is good, Milland is better. He deserved the academy award (the best actor).

An excellent drama. 8/10

Amadeus (1984)
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A genius's tragedy, 8 February 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When Salieri was a child, his father opposed him to develop his interest on music. After the sudden death of his father, he can put fully his heart into music. When he grew up, he became a royal composer. He often heard people talking about Mozart's music. That raised him big interest. When he saw Mozart in an occasion, Mozart's unusual behavior surprised him a lot. As to Mozart's music, he had to admit its greatness. The more he appreciated Mozart's music, the more jealous he was. That led to fearful outcome to Mozart, then himself finally.

You can hear splendid music from start to end. Of cause the plot is also absorbing. Especially the final part, Mozart gave an oral account for his work in deathbed while Salieri tried to write it down. That is the most unforgettable scene in the movie.

The whole acting and producing level is high and satisfying. No wonder it won 8 academy awards.

A masterpiece worth watching many times. 9/10

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Unforgettable childhood, 25 January 2006

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Clever boy Marcel's father was a teacher. He was very proud of his father because his father was capable of doing many things he could not imagine. He also had a gentle mother and a naughty younger brother. One day his father decided to take them to spend summer vacation in the countryside. Marcel had a high expectation on it.

The movie vividly revealed a happy childhood of a French kid. It did bring me back to my childhood. Although we were short of materials at that time, we did live carefree lives. I think that present children are not lucky as we were. They are always under the huge pressure of study. There is no happiness at all.

There were many funny scenes in the movie. They were so natural that I could identify some of them. Everyone has one's childhood. No matter good or bad, it will be unforgettable.

An excellent French family drama. 8/10

Happy End (1999)
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Tragic end, 25 January 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Seo was a kind middle-aged man. He had a competent wife and a cute daughter. Due to enough financial support from his wife, he was not so anxious to seek a job. On the contrary he led a lazy life by reading novels. Of cause he had to spend some time on looking after his young daughter. One day he accidentally found that one of keys that belonged to his wife was strange. He began to doubt the loyalty of his wife. A family crisis occurred.

The unexpected ending was powerful and shocking. Extra-martial affair is bad in my eyes. It not only breaks a family but also brings agony to other people. If you did it and caused bad outcome, you had nobody to blame but yourself.

Min-sik Choi convincingly played a desperate husband. I think that he is one of the best Korean actors. He also left me deep impression in Oldboy, Springtime.

An excellent Korean drama. 8/10

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Sympathy is virtue, 25 January 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Disfigured man John was treated as a freak. His boss wanted to make big money by exhibiting him. The plan was opposed by the police. It raised great interest for doctor Frederick. He decided to take a look on John. The outcome really shocked him. As a sympathizing doctor, he wanted to help John. He took John away from his boss and provided a room to John. However what happened next was beyond Frederick's control.

What Frederick did to John really moved my heart. Although everyone wants to be beautiful, everyone's fate is different. Mocking other unluckier people just shows ignorance. Although appearance is important in modern society, inside should be the deciding factor. Unfortunately it is not be accepted by everyone.

Anthony Hopkins and John Hurt brought me unforgettable performance.

An excellent drama worth everybody to watch. 9/10

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