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The worst movie I have ever seen, 13 August 2017

I understand the fact that this movie is a crazy-comedy,and it's easy to see that the slapstick-comedy and sight-gags are very much inspired by Tom&Jerry-style cartoons.

But is it really necessary to push for a gag once a minute throughout the movie? The movie's pacing leaves the viewer breathless, and grasping in vain for any semblance of a coherent storyline. Aside from the fact that two incompetent agents are searching for a destructive weapon, it is impossible to understand what is really going on in this movie.

I don't know the source material. In the event that it is exactly as the movie turned out,they should have fleshed it out with something that would have made it work as actual storytelling.

As for the characters, none of them are remotely relatable, and the gags aren't really funny. The actors are seemingly just waiting to get squashed, beaten or otherwise manhandled, so they don't have to do any real acting work.

The movie hit new lows with cruel torture scenes (especially the one where the mother is tortured), generally misogynist behavior,and racist renditions of several different ethnic groups.

From other reviews on this site, I understand that the movie is based on a very popular Spanish comic,but there must be a better way to adapt the source material than this. As it stands now I can only speculate that the director (Fesser) was experiencing a drug induced delirium during the making of this movie.Mistaking rapid-fire slapstick,and complete nonsense for a flash of genius.

Mostly I am sorry for Dominique Pinon,a quality actor who cannot have known what lay in store for him,participating in this movie.

I find it hard to recommend this movie even to my worst enemy.

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A grim but affecting account of crime and history, 4 December 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A saga of crime and retribution,where the main players remain over three seasons. Caught in the aftermath of the Ripper killings, Detective Inspector Edmund Reid, Detective sergeant Bennett Drake and Captain Homer Jackson, seek to uncover the truth that slithers and bends beneath the streets of Whitechapel. While searching for such enlightenment, and the protection of the people of this area, its dark heart threatens to swallow them all.

The best part of this series is its strong characters. Throughout the series they are allowed to develop, and come into their own. McFadyen seemed a strange choice to me at first as a hardened law enforcer, but his actions and manner turns convincing by the energy McFadyen puts into his role. Flynn looks the part from the beginning, step by step revealing his inner dreams and tenderness. Rothenberg excels as the unwilling participant and freelance medical examiner of H-division. All in due course caught up by their past and their choices.

The second thing that makes this series so great is that the story lines always run deeper than its individual cases. Some even to the very end. The show is able to reveal how crime in different ways, and of different categories followed in the wake of the industrial revolution, the new technological developments, and in the name of progress.

The third thing that makes this series so great, is the way the time and place in which it takes place, is imprinted on the visual style of the show. How the colors are muted, the streets are foggy and dusted, the people covered by the grime of their daily toil. Also how the violence and murders are rendered in a realistic style, not shying away from the gruesome effects that violence, poison and alike has on a human body.

If you have the stomach for it, this show will reward you with a tale that is absolutely riveting. Like a book you can't put down until it is finished

"Quirke" (2013)
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Raw exploration into the nature of a particular family, as well as secret crimes long buried., 24 September 2014

Someone said I should post my comment as a review, so here goes...

There are so many procedurals,and cop shows out there,doing the same thing over and over again. This is not one of those regular TV- shows. Crime plays a part of course, but more than that, this is a series that is driven by character development. For each crime we also delve deeper into Quirke's family relations and history. There is a logical development in the way the story is built,so that the plots of the different episodes combine into a whole. And consequences are far from as clean cut, as it would have been in an ordinary cop-show.

I have tremendous respect for Gabriel Byrne and Michael Gambon as actors, and I think this material may well have provided the foundation for some of the best acting of their career. The supporting cast is also uniformly excellent, and that nearly all actors in this series is Irish, also makes it that much more convincing.I enjoyed the mood set by the music,and the portrayal of the era. From Smoke-filled streets and bars, to the clothes they use, the cars they drive, and all the small details that make up this wonderful mini-series.