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Basically a list of chick-flicks for guys and a few guy movies with strong love story plot lines...all great for curling up on Valentine's Day!
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Covert and Clandestine Cinema
Classic to Contemporary
Comprehensive and Chronological
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Approximate chronology of the development of the story of the Batman character and supporting characters: Robin (Grayson and Todd), Joker, Bat-Woman, Gordon.... Essentially the thought process here is that each sequential film assumes the events in the films previous to it have already occurred - a tricky endeavor as certain events, such as the death of the joker occurs in more than one film...anyway, if you are a Batman junkie like me, try watching these movies in this order and let me know your thoughts!
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imperfect family movies
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Movies where the City and Culture of Chicago pays a large part.
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Films I'd watch another 100 times...basically every time they're on, I'll watch.
These are great films to restore your faith in humanity! Or just laugh your booty off!
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Smart and top level TV
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Classis films to watch to commerate our fallen heros.