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I don't get it and am SO disappointed!, 31 October 2012

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NOOOOOO! Why is this sooo bad!? I have watched about 7 episodes of the first season and it just keeps getting worse. I was so excited about it! The idea is so cool! The pilot was so interesting! But there are just too many plot holes. Why does Henry hate his adopted mother? She raised him. It's not like she abuses him or anything. The evil queen keeps threatening everyone and nothing happens. Maybe it is that Emma Stone is kind of a terrible character, or maybe it's the actress. Why is she there? What is with the constant pensive shots? I agree with other commentors that it is too soap operay, it has that slow feel. It could really benefit by balancing drama with some light moments or some comedic effect. The only interesting thing about this show is the fairy tale part.

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Something Different, 22 October 2012

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What a great episode. I know, some of the other reviews are upset about the stereotyping of Ireland, but they have completely missed the point! This is about the Captain and her solitude. It is also in the future and a made up holoprogram. The Doctor says, she can't have a relationship with anyone so it may as well been a hologram. Plus, it hints that the crew, and the Captain use the holodeck for "special" needs. It is nice to see that they centered the episode around a woman and her needs. According to Voyager, they have been in space, what? 5 years. 5 years!? That is a long time. I thought it was a sweet episode and something different. I love space and sci-fi, but it is nice to see an episode about the characters. Especially such an intimate look at Captain Janeway.

This show is kind of weird, but it *is* entertaining., 31 January 2012

This show is kind of weird, but it *is* entertaining. I think most of the princes are charming but 3 weeks is not long enough to meet anyone. I thought that the one prince that was a housekeeper got the short end of the jobs. It is kind of frustrating how homophobic Africa is but they seem to get along. It also is too bad that the bar is not really the greatest place to meet anyone. I am impressed that there is a gay prince. I have only seen one episode but I will continue to watch it. I am curious to see what others think, even if they did meet partners, their partners might have a very hard time adjusting to another culture or even the idea of "royalty".