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Strong Emotions, Presented Convincingly, 12 July 2008

Having just completed 42 radiation therapy treatments for cancer, I can identify quite easily with the movie's theme. Like the two main characters, I have wondered what to do with my remaining days, and have thought about fulfilling wishes and fantasies that have been around for awhile. Suddenly, every day, even every hour becomes more significant than I had imagined previously.

A relative had told me that I wouldn't like this movie, because it was "too much talk." The relative was wrong. The Bucket List captivated me early, and kept me spellbound.

Never during the film did I think "This is unrealistic." The events could have happened, quite reasonably. The story is highly believable.

I admit that the final scenes had me grabbing for a handkerchief.

If ever there was a "message movie," this is it.

I commend the cast, and I commend Rob Reiner for his directing.

The Bucket List prompts every viewer to examine what to do with the remaining days of life, whether they be many or few.

Years from now, I will treasure the power of this movie.

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Had Potential, But Didn't Reach It, 21 April 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Ahsley Judd is a remarkable actress--dynamite looks, strong communication skills that include her nonverbal messages, and sex appeal that rocks the screen.

Not only that, she can create and maintain a character with impeccable skill.

However, this film did not take full advantage of her assets. Though the movie seemed to make sense for awhile, in the last fourth of the movie the story became vapid, aimless, and empty.

I can't imagine why an actress with her experience would accept a script that fades into near oblivion.

I would not recommend this movie. I checked it out and hoped to have a pleasant evening watching it, yet the last quadrant of the movie made me wonder why I had watched it for so long.

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A Confusing Movie, 20 January 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Even though I gave this movie full attention, I would have trouble explaining it to anyone, because I really didn't get it myself. There were inconsistencies, gaps, and even conflicts in the plot that left me scratching my head and wondering what was going on. Yes, I know the audience is supposed to do some mental work with a fine film, but even my best, concentrated effort left me with unanswered questions.

Additionally, I felt that there were times when the action called for far more emotion. In real life, people would not react so reasonably to betrayal, intrigue, and deceit.

I agree with other reviewers that the cast was highly capable. At the same time, even a superb cast cannot rescue a bewildering plot.

Finally, few people I know make the number of memorable statements this movie provides.

At best, I consider this a fairly average movie.

Break-In (2006) (TV)
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Incredible beauties, tension, drama and surprise, 14 August 2006

This one has it all. The three women capture the eye of every male viewer. The villains are believable, more so than usual. The action is constant, with everything unpredictable. Watching this movie, you can hate, have sympathy, experience fear, and admire the cast for pulling you in so completely.

All of us who have visited Caribbean islands have wondered, "Gee, what could go wrong here?" This film takes your imagination to the extremes. After viewing this, you may choose to spend your next vacation in Des Moines or Salt Lake City.

Kelly Carlson captures and keeps attention, not only for her seductive ways but also for her ability to change emotions rapidly when that's needed.

Lifetime has scored big-time with Break-in.

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Enthralling Every Minute, 27 May 2006

From the start, this pulsating movie moved inexorably toward a tension level that moviegoers get to experience only rarely. Scarlett Johanssen captures attention from the start, and holds it with her beauty, sexuality and emotions that appear genuine. Yet the other players establish themselves immediately, too.

Throughout, I found myself wanting to yell, "How stupid," "No, don't do that" and "That's crazy." Each time I felt that way, though, I recognized that the film was reflecting real life--because desperate people commit unreasonable acts, forgetting the potential consequences.

The movie title fits perfectly, which is not often the case. In fact, every viewer should give special attention to the opening scene, which sets the theme.

While many movie fans think of Woody Allen as a comedic actor and writer, all of us have to tip our hats to him for this memorable drama. I know I am going to recommend it to friends and family. This one keeps you guessing. . .even beyond the final credits. A true gem, in my judgment.

Derailed (2005/I)
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An exciting movie I will recommend to family and friends, 8 April 2006

I had not heard of this movie, and I checked it out tonight from Blockbuster because the description seemed intriguing.

While I am a difficult guy to please when it comes to movies, this one grabbed me from the start. The plots and subplots were amazing. Reminds me of another classic--"Body Heat." I will tell my family and friends to view "Derailed," because it is one of the most fascinating films I have seen in many years.

Jen has struck me all along as someone with class, and this film supported that opinion. And certainly she reinforces the image of an alluring lady with grand talent.

Anyone who misses "Derailed" will miss a marvelous movie. I hope to see others that match the suspense, sex appeal and drama.

Open Water (2003)
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Excellent drama, 25 February 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Excellent drama. The sound and photography were not top-level, and the male lead was a bit weak. However, the suspense made up for these shortcomings. The ocean scenes were pulsating, for sure. I have seen the movie three times. Would you believe that the first time I saw it I was the lecturer on a cruise ship? What timing! Blanchard is a lovely lady, and her agony seemed realistic. A spine-tingling movie, especially when the viewer imagines that this could happen to him or her. As a veteran scuba diver, this movie rang my chimes big-time. The music added an eerie touch to the film. I am surprised that some of my friends did not care for Open Water, because I surely did. I recommend it to anyone who wants to sit on the edge of the chair while watching.

A Cooler Climate (1999) (TV)
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A Surprisingly Strong Movie, 24 September 2004

When I cut on Lifetime, I said, "Oh, well, just a Sally Field movie on." However, as I became involved in the movie, I realized that the story was captivating--as was Sally Field. She remains very attractive, and she can stimulate a range of emotions in viewers.

The movie was not predictable, because there were several times I thought I knew the next step--but each time I was wrong. So the film moved well past soap opera status.

My only criticism: Her professional advancement seemed a bit too rapid. Other than that, I rate the story very highly, and rank her acting A plus.

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Excellent acting by all, 28 August 2004

At the end of this movie, I commented that the acting was excellent. I felt that I had watched a real family in action.

Margaret Colin was new to me, but I see she has numerous credits. That is understandable. She is exceptionally lovely, and her expressions come across as quite genuine.

The plot develops with all the intrigue of a mystery story, yet the melodrama is not overplayed.

This is one of those movies I just happened upon one evening on TV, and I am glad I did.

Certainly I will remain on the lookout for other Margaret Colin movies.

Tick Tock (2000)
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Exceptionally intriguing plot and two lovely actresses, 14 August 2004

When I started watching this movie on TV, my first thought was, "Never heard of any of these cast members." However, I realized that at one time Bogart, John Wayne, Tom Hanks, and Sean Connery had not been heard of either, so I was patient.

What a densely woven plot! What intrigue and double-crossing. I would not believe anyone who told me he or she figured out the ending ahead of time.

And what lovely actresses. They could energize a dull movie pretty quickly, and in this lively movie they were something else!

I would watch this one again, and try to figure out all the nuances, because there are plenty of them!

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