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The best of the best!, 18 August 2012

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People who disliked this movie, have absolutely no taste in action movies. It is an action movie for crying out loud! What do you expect from an action movie. Seriously people, it's a movie that is supposed to entertain you and for me it accomplished it's mission to entertain. There is little plot in this one, dialogue was alright some funny moments, acting was not over the top, action was over the top. There is a lot of shooting, stabbing, fighting, bones cracking, body parts flying, and lots of explosions. The goal of the movie was to entertain the audience and it did just that. You did it again Sly, what an amazing cast for an amazing action movie. See action movie.

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Loved It, 20 July 2012

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This has to be one of Seagals good movies. It's kick ass. Seagal plays a CIA Agent, works for the government of America. Until one day, his daughter gets kidnapped by an organization called the ABU KARAFon in Bangkok. One of her friends is the US senators daughter. The US senator sends a CIA agent named Jake(Seagal) to go to Bangkok and rescue his daughter and to rescue his. As he goes to Bangkok he meets up with one of his old buddies sante(Byron Mann) to help him fight the ABU KARAF and to save his daughter.

The movie has a good story, alright acting, and some good action. There is a lot of wire work in the action sequences, but it doesn't make this a bad movie. Seagal has a stunt double in some of the fight scenes. Seagal also uses his Aikido skills and a bit of Kung Fu.

All in all, this movie is worth a watch, it is worth the rent price. I bought it on DVD because I really loved this movie. But that's my opinion. Just watch it.

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You either get it or you don't, 16 July 2012

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Listen you either get it or you don't. If you like mindless action and want a movie to entertain you, this is for you. But if you are, a person looking for a good story line and some good acting, skip it. I liked it, and I will be definitely watching it again. Nicolas Cage is funny as Johnny Blaze, and gives a good performance. The rest of the cast is not so good. All in all. A very entertaining piece of cinema. 7/10. For good entertainment. Also for good effects. The effects on ghost rider look way more better than the effects they put on him in the first part. It gave a more realistic feeling into actually thinking that his skull is on fire. The skull of ghost rider looks burnt due to the cause of the fire. There is also a little bit of humor in it that will keep you laughing.

Enjoy it. It is worth the rent price.