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"You're not on fire, Ricky Bobby"! I beg to differ!!!!!!!, 12 November 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Ricky Bobby was born "to go fast". He was born in the back seat of his race car driving father's car in the fictional town of West River, North Carolina. He was raised by his mother Lucy Bobby. Reese Bobby, his alcoholic, pot-dealing father, wasn't around. One morning, while his mother was at the grocery store, Ricky climbed into the driver's seat and, using a wiffleball bat to press the pedals, took his mama's station wagon on a high-speed joy ride.

After ten years, Ricky finally met his father when he showed up for career day at Ricky's school. He told Ricky, "If you ain't first, you're last", a motto that stuck with Ricky for the rest of his life.

Ricky Bobby never outgrew his love of racing. While working on a pit crew as the jackman for a race team, he replaces an uninterested driver named Terry Cheveaux and ends up finishing third in the race. Ricky soars to the top of NASCAR very quickly, achieving both fame and fortune with his ride at Dennit Racing. He is able to get a ride for best friend Cal, who he uses as the starter of a slingshot move which lets him pass cars easily. His pit crew consists of crew chief Lucius Washington, Glenn, who constantly annoys Ricky and Lucius, Kyle, who thinks that jazz music sounds like "a tape of somethin' dyin' or something" and Hershell, a stocky, balding fellow who enjoys fried chicken.

While on top of the racing world, Ricky is challenged by a Formula One driver named Jean Girard, who ends up becoming Ricky's teammate. Girard is an effete gay Frenchman who reads the French existentialist novel The Stranger by Albert Camus and sips macchiato as he races.

Girard outperforms Ricky on the track and overtakes Ricky's #1 standing. Ricky, desperate to regain his dominance, pushes himself too hard and ends up in a horrible wreck. Though he eventually recovers from his crash, he loses his ride at Dennit Racing after a disastrous testing session. His wife, yearning to be married to a top NASCAR driver, divorces Ricky within three hours of his firing and marries Cal, whom Ricky refused to let come first in races.

Ricky moves back home with his mother and takes a job as a pizza delivery driver for Hugalo's Pizza. With his life at a low point, Ricky's father suddenly reenters his life. With the retraining and guidance of his father, Ricky gains his confidence back, but still refuses to race after Reese walks out - and then confesses that he was high when he told Ricky's class "If you ain't first, you're last!". Ricky then runs into his former assistant, Susan, at a bar. Susan convinces Ricky to get back into racing at the Talladega 500. Susan then professes her love for Ricky, and they end up having sex in the bar, as Ricky warns the other customers to look away, because "we're gonna start making animal noises". Ricky later meets with Jean Girard, who is having tea with Mos Def and Elvis Costello. Girard confesses that he wants to retire to Stockholm with his husband Gregory to "design a currency for dogs and cats to use", but before he does, he wants Ricky to beat him. However, he refuses to let Ricky win. Ricky returns to the track and tells Cal he's sorry for always making him come in second.

Despite being un sponsored, underfunded, and starting last, Ricky quickly climbs through the field and passes Cal, moving into second place behind Girard. As Ricky unsuccessfully attempts to pass Girard, his former owner orders Cal to wreck Ricky. Cal refuses, and does the traditional slingshot move to get Ricky side by side with Girard. Larry Dennit, Jr., the owner of Girard and Naughton's cars, orders his third driver, Bryan Waynecrest (who replaced Ricky in the Wonder Bread car), to wreck Cal. The ensuing wreck destroys the rest of the field, leaving only Ricky Bobby and Jean Girard. On the final lap, the two drivers slam into each other numerous times, until they both have a long, spectacular wreck in the tri-oval. So long, in fact, that the race goes to a commercial for Applebee's while the wreck is still taking place. The race's broadcasters, seeming disinterested, declare the race over.

However, Girard and Ricky both get out of their cars and race on foot to the checkered flag, to the tune of Pat Benatar's "We Belong". They both dramatically dive for the finish line. Ricky's fingers cross the line, while Girard comes up a bit short. Girard wishes to shake Ricky's hand, but Ricky kisses him passionately instead. Both drivers are disqualified for leaving their cars during the race and Cal wins the race by finishing third. Ricky and Cal make up, again. Reese watches from the distance, and walks away, satisfied. The family, including Susan, Ricky's new "lady", meets Reese in the parking lot, and all climb into his old Chevelle to go get thrown out of Applebee's.

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Don't be a "Stranger", See this movie NOW!!!!!, 12 November 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The film follows Harold Crick, a dour Chicago auditor for the Internal Revenue Service who lives alone, eats alone, counts the number of steps he walks for fun, focuses on ways to save time tying his tie and brushes his teeth exactly 72 times (36 up and down, 36 back and forth) and suddenly finds himself the subject of wry narration only he can hear, a narration which begins to affect his entire life. Harold instantly attempts to search for the body of the voice with no success. He realizes the voice does not know that he can hear it and that this voice plans to kill him.

Harold visits a psychologist who misdiagnosis the voice as schizophrenia. Harold, desperate for another answer, asks the psychologist to imagine if it really was a voice who was going to kill him, what would she do? The psychologist recommends a literary expert. Harold then goes to Professor Jules Hilbert to find out who the author of his life is and to stop her from killing him. They eventually narrow it down to several authors and the professor tells Harold to find out if the "book" (his life) is a comedy or a tragedy. All the while, Harold develops a love interest in a woman he is auditing, Ana. Ana first rejects him, prompting him to believe the "book" is a tragedy, but slowly she shows a liking for him.

Back at Hilbert's, as they are trying to decode the author, the TV switches to show an author speaking, Harold realizes the author of his life is a woman named Karen Eiffel. Hilbert tells him she is known for bringing about the demises of her main characters. Harold then begins a frantic search to find her to stop his death. He eventually tracks her down by finding her phone number through IRS reports and meets with her. He tells her that he found her through Hilbert, and that he is her character. She is then stunned to find that what ever she writes happens to Harold Crick. She gives him the manuscript of the story and tells him he deserves to know. Harold, before he reads it, gives it to Hilbert to read first. Harold then goes home and lives his life as he would want (buying a guitar, no longer wearing neck ties, spending time with someone else, in this case Ana). When Harold receives the manuscript back from Hilbert the next day, Hilbert tells him it's a masterpiece and cannot be changed. Harold then gets on a city bus and spends all day there reading the manuscript front to back. When he's done, he gets off and bumps into Karen again. Harold tells her that it is a masterpiece and he will die this meaningful death. Harold then spends his last night with Ana and then wakes up ready to face his destiny.

Karen calmly narrates his life: his waking up, his getting ready, and eventually heading to the bus stop. At the bus stop, Harold and a group of about a dozen others are waiting for the city bus when a little boy on his bike comes riding along. Attempting to cross the street, he falls off directly in the path of the oncoming bus. Harold leaps forward, pushing him out of the way, but gets struck and killed by the bus.

Back in her office, Karen ponders how many people she's killed, how many lives she ruined and decides that she has to go back and save Harold. Feeling guilty, she decides to rewrite the ending so that Harold lives.

Totally Awesome (2006) (TV)
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So funny!!!!!, 8 November 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In a take off of the horrible plot devices of the 80's "Movies" and i use the term lightly, "Totally Awesome" is just that AWESOME!!!! The conceit of the film is that it was a "lost" film from the 1980s, recently rediscovered in a vault in the Arizona desert and bought by VH1 because, according to narrator Ben Stein, VH1 "didn't have enough 80's themed programming." Mikey Day plays Charlie, a young man who moves into a new town, where he is automatically dubbed the most unpopular senior at his high school. He falls for the prettiest and most popular girl at the school, Kimberly (Brittany Daniel), whose boyfriend Kipp (Joey Kern) is a stereotypical jock and bully. At first, Charlie attempts to woo Kimberly, seeking the help of a black man named Darnell (Tracy Morgan) in attempts to be cooler. Darnell teaches him how to talk, walk and act like a cool black man, though this attempt ultimately backfires.

Charlie also meets a girl named Billie (Nicki Clyne), the class loser, who is poor and has very oily skin. She is the only one who understands Charlie and develops a crush on him. Charlie befriends Billie, though at first insists their relationship is platonic.

After an altercation with Kipp, Charlie challenges Kipp to a Decathlon. To prepare, Charlie seeks the help of Yamagashi (James Hong), a wise, old, gay, Asian instructor (and parody of Mr. Miyagi from the Karate Kid series of movies). Charlie is told to do odd chores that are supposed to help him in the Decathlon like "Sweep My Deck" for pole vault, "Jump For Apples" for high jump, and "Toss the Rock" for shot put. When Charlie points out that Yamagashi has only taught him how to do three events, Yamagashi suggests killing Kipp to avoid the contest; when Charlie rejects homicide as a solution, Yamagashi tells him he must find a reason to drive him to succeed.

In addition to Charlie's attempts to survive the new school and court the girl, the movie follows Charlie's sister Lori (Dominique Swain), a dancer who is in love with school janitor Gabriel (Chris Kattan). Gabriel was the dance teacher before dancing was outlawed in the town following an incident in which several dancing teenagers had their feet come loose (a reference to the 1980s film Footloose).

In the end, Charlie wins the decathlon and falls in love with Billie, Lori brings dance back to town, and Gabriel gets his job back as the dance teacher and gets permission to have sex with teenage girls. Kipp the bully gets eaten by a werewolf.

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Kansas City Shuffle, 13 September 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The film opens in an anonymous bus station where Goodkat, talking to a seemingly random individual, begins to tell the story of a Kansas city shuffle. He tells of a series of events back in 1979 when rumors of a fixed horse race prompt several people, including a working class family man, to make a large bet on the horse in the hopes of changing their lives. However, the drugged horse, instead of effortlessly outstripping the others, has a heart attack right in the middle of the race. With no money to pay off the debt he owed to the mob, and since the mob had found out about the fix, the working man, his bookie, his wife, and his son are ordered to be put to death to send a message to others in the gambling society.

The film flashes back to the present day, when a young man named Slevin (Josh Hartnett), brought to town by care of his friend, is mugged while walking to his friend Nick's apartment. When he arrives he finds that the door is open and his friend is missing. While settling into the apartment (wearing only a towel) he meets Lindsey (Lucy Liu), and together they concoct the notion that his missing friend has in fact not gone out, but has been kidnapped, and that it is up to them to play amateur sleuths.

Just after she leaves to go to work, Slevin is forcibly taken (still wearing only a towel) to the office of powerful mob boss known as The Boss (Morgan Freeman), who has mistaken Slevin for his missing friend and is looking to collect on a large debt. As the only man in his organization who knew what Slevin's friend looked like was recently killed, the Boss has no reason not to think Slevin is, in fact, his friend Nick.

The Boss is willing to forgive the debt if Slevin agrees to murder the son of the rival mob boss known as The Rabbi (Kingsley), (so called, "because he's a rabbi"). The son is known as the Fairy - everyone knows about his homosexuality except his father. The Boss wants to have "the Fairy" killed in order to seek revenge upon the Rabbi for the recent murder of his own son. The Boss gives Slevin 24 hours to consider his options. Later in the film it is revealed that the Boss hired professional killer Goodkat to kill the Fairy, but the Boss agreed with Goodkat's proposal to have the killing done by Slevin, after which Goodkat would kill Slevin, in such a way that it would look like a suicide pact of two gay lovers, forcing the Rabbi to forgo the criminal war that would inevitably happen if he felt that the Boss was behind the death of the Fairy.

Soon after Slevin returns to his apartment he is taken by some goons to meet the Rabbi (who resides in a penthouse building right across the street from The Boss; the rivals are former friends and "business" associates). The Rabbi also mistakes Slevin for Nick; he wants Slevin to kill the Boss and come up with a large sum of money to pay off a debt. Slevin returns to his apartment, and confides about his situation to Lindsay. Lindsay has gotten a cell phone photo of the mysterious hit-man named 'Mr. Goodkat' (Willis), who is also seen in the shadows of both mob bosses. As Slevin reluctantly plans to murder the Fairy, he is accosted and watched by the police, and also thugs from both crime families, who have mistaken him for either a moron or a new professional hit-man. Meanwhile the sleuthing with Lindsay brings them closer together as passionate lovers.

The end of the film reveals that the whole story is about avenging the 1979 horse racing incident. At the time, when Slevin (called Henry) was a small boy, his parents were murdered by gangsters - among them both "The Boss," "The Rabbi," and the police detective. Goodkat was hired to kill Slevin, because no one else would take the job. Instead of killing the young boy, he took him in and raised him.

Grown-up Slevin and Goodkat make an elaborate plan to get close to both the Rabbi and the Boss. For this purpose, Slevin takes the identity of Nick Fisher, who owes a debt to both bosses' bookies. Fisher is murdered by Goodkat, as shown in the beginning of the film, and Slevin kills the son of the Boss, so that the Boss will hire Goodkat for revenge. Slevin fakes his own mugging so he cannot be properly identified, and has both bookies killed, stealing their books in the process. According to the plan discussed with the Boss, Slevin has a date with the Fairy, and kills him. This is a turning point in the film, since until then Slevin seemed friendly and naive, and not at all inclined to kill someone. Goodkat, instead of killing Slevin, kills the two bodyguards who storm in. Nick Fisher's body, which Goodkat has taken with him after murdering Fisher, is used in place of Slevin's - after Slevin and Goodkat detonate a bomb, Nick's body is burned beyond recognition. The Boss is not very satisfied, because "the job was not supposed to look like a job". Slevin and Goodkat kill a number of bodyguards, tie up the Boss and the Rabbi together, and finally Slevin takes the ultimate revenge, killing the two in the same way his father was killed, by suffocation in a plastic bag. In the end the whole story about the Boss and the Rabbi killing is told to the Police officer by another officer. It is then we realise that the cop was also involved in murdering Henry's mother. Slevin is hidden in the car during the conversation and he kills the cop.

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Like someone shat in their cereal!, 27 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In a small Colorado town a group of friends play a 4th of July prank involving a Hook wielding madman who takes revenge on people with secrets. When the prank gets out of hand and one of their number(the son of the town sheriff)dies, they vow to take the secret to their grave. A year later the group has gone their separate ways until messages sent to them open old wounds. A lot of finger pointing and blaming follow in this 91 minute piece of crap, who is the killer is it the sheriff, his deputy? It seams that the writers themselves don't even know how to finish their script and in turn try to make their movie killer into a forth-rate "Jason" by bringing back the "Killer" from the first two movies as a unstoppable phantom. One question, how can a ghost send text messages? Come on people stick with the formula, This is just ridiculous!!!!!!

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A sobering movie experience., 24 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Set in an alternate reality where the Union lost the Civil War, C.S.A. looks through the lenses of a British Documentary about the history of the Confederate States of America. It tells of a very different American history in which the South, with support of French and British troops capture Washington DC and take over America, using fabricated movie segments, old government information films , television commercials and actual stock footage from our own history, we see a world that might have been, a world where the C.S. invaded Mexico, and aided Nazi Germany, also attacking Japan much like they attacked Pearl Harbor, on the same day in fact. Learning that Lincoln was arrested and exiled to Canada, shows "Film" of an interview with the president shortly before his death. in 1905.

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Wow, The return of a great show!!!!!!!!, 21 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Eight hours after the escape, Michael, Lincoln, Sucre, C-Note and Abruzzi continue to run for their lives as Special Agent Alexander Mahone is brought in from the FBI to lead the search for the fugitives.

Hours earlier they pulled off the greatest break in US history, but as many people know the greatest laid plans of mice and men don't always go the way they are planed. When Abruzzi's plane took off, they have to go with plan "B". This involves a place called Oswego more specifically "Ripe Chance Woods". But for all the planing Michael did, he did not count on Special Agent Alexander Mahone, a man who like Michael sees patterns where everybody else sees chaos. Meanwhile Veronica, has confronted Terrence Steadman(played now by Jeff Perry because John Billingsley left to join the cast of the series "The Nine")and discovers that he is not hiding, but rather a prisoner of the Blackfoot Mansion, and calls the police to report the president of a crime. Back in Oswego, the other fugitives mainly T-Bag, stole a cooler full of ice and placing his severed hand inside goes to a clinic to have it reattached, but unfortunately for him it's an animal hospital. Mahone along with Bellick and other law enforcement track them to a storage facility in Oswego, and while Michael and the others are inside they surround the place and prepare for a breach just as Lincoln opens the grate entrance. inside the storage locker, nothing. A dead end... and where are the fugitives, at Oswego cemetery, preparing to dig in the grave of E. Chance Woods, the grave marker reading "R.I.P, E. Chance Woods".

Down in the grave, they find what was supposed to be a weeks worth of clothes for Michael and Lincoln, but since they are five of them, the clothes must be dived up. But all is not, well for genius Agent Mahone figured out what "Ripe Chance woods" meant. And tracked them to the cemetery. But they escape by infiltrating the populace of Oswego. They reach a Garage where Michael stashed a car, giving Lincoln a chance to call Veronica. Talking to him she tells Lincoln that Terrence is still alive and the police are their, the officer tells her to hang up the phone turning to ask him why she stares down the barrel of his gun BLAM BLAM BLAM!!!! on the other end of the phone, Lincoln collapses in tears. as the episode comes to a close the camera closes in on Veronica's dead body, twice in the chest once in the head, by the book execution.

"Kyle XY" (2006)
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"John Doe" a good way!, 23 June 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Back in 2002, their was a little gem of a television show called "John Doe" on Fox. It was about a man, who wakes up naked in the middle of the woods, on an island off the Seattle coast. He sees in black and white and although he has no memory of who he is, he knows practically everything.

But this is not about John Doe it's about "Kyle XY" Kyle XY begins in a heavily wooded area, Kyle awakes and looks at the world with new eyes, he is naked and dripping with a strange purplish goop. As he sits up and looks around at his new surroundings a strange rattling sound catches his ears, he turns around and sees a strange creature lying inches away from him. A rattle snake ready to strike, his tail sending a warning message he strikes, only to be stopped by Kyle's gripping fist. He looks at it confused about what this thing is and why it tried to attack him. He looks deep into the creature and places it back on the ground; it turns and leaves looking for an easier prey. As he stands he can hear voices a strange "red creature with two voices" that you and I know as a tent catches his eye. Through the small opening in the zipper he sees a man and a woman making out, the woman screams in shock.

In the city Kyle looks around at all the faces staring and pointing at him. He's confused as a woman shies her young daughter away from the bizarre young man, he continues to look around amazed at what he sees when a police car pulls up. The officers step out and speak to him, but he is unable to understand what he says as the man places a blanket around him and handcuffs on his wrists.

Soon he was taken to a new place, with fences and sad faces. Shower blasts water in his face cleaning him, now dressed orderly guides in into a bathroom and leaves, Kyle looks around and then leaves not knowing what he should do. They give him a sign to hold "Juvenile Holding, Washington State, John Doe, 763464". He looks on in wonder as a flash startles him.

Inside a quant home, a woman named Nicole Trager calls for her daughter Lori to get out of bed, Lori rolls over opening her eyes she sees her boyfriend Declan still in her bed, as her mother nears the door the phone rings giving the boy ample time to escape unseen. On the line is Lou Daniels an employee at juvenile holding who tells her that she has to come in right away and see the new arrival. Back at the house a young man Josh Trager enters the kitchen and picks up a pancake and takes a bite. As his sister enters as he mocks being startled "it's alive!" to which his sister replies, "Bite Me". He fires back "No thanks, that's Declan's job" their father Stephen Trager enters wiping something off his hands. "Declan, what happened to Mike"? "Old news!" Josh replies. "Declan's the new flavor of the month, or week in miss skanky's case!" The father looks at his son "Knock it off!" as Lori sits at the table she fires her brother an icy stare. Nicole enters and kissed her husband on the cheek after apologizing about missing Sunday breakfast she leaves. Kyle begins to question his origins, and discovers some strange things about himself, to figure out the truth with him tune in to "Kyle XY" June 26, 2006 on ABC Family or download the Pilot for free on iTunes.

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allies in evil, Vilgax and joey!, 27 May 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Ben, as Fourarms, thwarts an armored car robbery by a very tough female named Joey. During the fight, some of Vilgax's new and improved drones attack and Max is injured. When Fourarms takes Max to the hospital, Joey starts messing with the drones and is converted into a powerful alien cyborg named Rojo. With these enhancements, Vilgax is able to communicate with her and convince her to work for him. When she attacks Ben at the hospital, she is thwarted once again, but Ben is left thinking that it's too dangerous for him to be around others and runs away. During their final confrontation, it turns out to be the advice of Max that helps Ben defeat her. As Upgrade, he is able to stop her, but not before receiving a disturbing message from Vilgax.

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Who's more powerful?, 27 May 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In a hotel, Ben spots an area where they are demonstrating a new game. He decides to use Ghostfreak's power to sneak in. He is caught, and Ben, Gwen, and Max are kicked out. After Ben and Max argue, Ben wanders out into the city on his own. There, he meets Kevin, a sociopath who has the power to absorb any form of energy. After Ben is forced to reveal what the Omnitrix is capable of, Kevin suggests that they team up. Once Kevin turns out to be too violent for Ben's tastes, Ben tries to stop him. Kevin then begins absorbing the powers of the Omnitrix for his own benefit. Ben learns that there are sometimes where you can't have everything your way all the time.

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