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Females over 6 feet tall
a list of 116 characters
A fair amount of super hero's, not what I was planning but I can work with it --- not sorted
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I cannot figure out how to rank these witches, should it be good verses evil like Cassandra Nightingale the goodhearted spell caster with the best of intentions as number one or the nefarious necromancers with the darkest of designs like Miss Eva Ernst as number one, or be very superficial and look at it as which witch can cast a spell over you.
Sorry I cannot respond to your comments because I have no interest in joining Facebook so I cannot see what you have wrote
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Well some have worked in strip clubs others have played strippers but we can only dream
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When I was doing the Kings and Queens list I thought of this and it looks like it will be a two parter --- Thanks for leaving a comment but I will not be joining Facebook so I do not know what message you left
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Some of these are great actors but to me they are scary, creepy and lust destroying which just send a shiver down my back --- Now the question is how do I rank them --- generic, always looked bad --- enhancements cosmetic --- age, ravages of time --- vices, drink and drugs --- or just plain creepy
No order at the moment
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I was only going to sitcoms but I threw in a few movies which I will change once I sort list out
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Not sorted yet --- I have had to change tile from Freckles as I have been told that Freckles are most often visible on people with a fair complexion. So now the title is Redhead which was thought to be a mark of a beastly sexual desire and moral degeneration. See? I told you it's not all bad. It is a common belief that redheads are highly sexed.
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Not completely sorted --- Sorry for not replying but I am not signing up to Facebook
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Here is my awards for who I think are the top earning models. I am not being unsociable but I will not be joining Facebook. So I will not be responding to any comments. Unless you know of any other method.
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I am not being anti-social but I am not joining Facebook so I cannot respond to your comments. Or in fact see them.
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Not sorted --- Sorry do not bother putting comments as I am not sigining up to Facebook ---
Trust NoOne --- Thanks I could not agree more. Luckily he was the only one I moved to the number one spot, the rest I have not sorted yet.
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Well these are the only one's I can think of --- there is Ian "Roy Castle" who was I think in the original movie and there are a few more missing
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No Order
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I preferred the original to the sequel --- This list will be changed from sequels to remakes
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Film-Noir list
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I have forgotten why I did this list but I do remember that it has not been sorted
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With what goes on in their lives I am surprised that they have time to practice medicine --- Not sorted
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This is more like a Philip Marlowe collection than anything else
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This bunch of misfits are calm, cool and relaxed. They definitely know what they want and know how to get it
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Petite Females under 5 feet --- in height order
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Bored and wanted to see how this would work out --- Just a list of people born January, the 3rd.
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Good old police corruption
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To all the kids who survived watching TV and films' from the 1920's, 30's 40's and a little of the 50's --- No order yet
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There are many reasons for actors to choose to go bald low maintenance, less stress on when you go out and get photographed the papers cannot complain your hair looks a mess.

For guys their is Bald Guy Attention. Random women will ask to touch your head for no reason and the last one is for work, your are sure to get more money if you are willing to shave that head.

The question you need to ask is Why Go Bald and here are the reasons.
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When I thought of this I did not realise how may cop shows I would recall --- Not Sorted yet
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This was going to be only US costume dramas but it is a mixture
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Actors who have played Kings, Queens and Emperors
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a list of 41 titles
I always seem to come back and watch these movies again and again and now I often think what was going through his mind when he was directing these classics
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I was just going to do Film-Noir but decided on this, I am also surprised on the amount of characters I could not find so it looks like I will have to do a Femme Fatale movie collection
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The character of Catwoman was introduced by Bill Finger and Bob Kane in the first Batman comic in 1940 and was notably inspired by Kane's second cousin by marriage and the actress Jean Harlow.
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Not Sorted
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I did not think I would beat ten
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Semi sorted
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Many a night shift spent watching these classics. I have noticed that the titles are different from what I have on the Cases --- No order yet and still a few more to add
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Not sorted yet I may cut the females to another list but some of them are good and they deserve to be here
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Strange this one is adding up to Fur on your face equals mostly evil --- Not sorted yet