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Best stand-up in the UK, 5 April 2006

Stewart Lee isn't nearly as well known as he ought to be, despite being behind Jerry Springer the Opera and, with Richard Herring, the cruelly cancelled TV series "This Morning With Richard Not Judy". This might be because he's completely uncompromising and doesn't actually want the mass-audience of an Eddie Izzard. His 2005 Edinburgh Show, 90s comedian, was brilliant, though I'm surprised it hasn't got him killed by fundamentalist Christians.

This recording of a different set in Glasgow last year is equally near-the-knuckle. Among other targets, his satirical attack on some of the absurdities of nationalism in front of this Scottish audience made me nervous on his behalf just watching it. Brave stuff. And very funny too.

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Nostalgic children's drama in a rural setting, 10 November 2005

This TV series, set in 1910, ran from 1982-1983 on ITV in the United Kingdom and concerned a young boy, Andy Robson, sent from a pit community to rural Northumberland when his father is injured in a mining accident. Much of the early drama in the series comes from his lack of knowledge of rural life and the consequent scrapes he gets into with locals. Later on in the series, the relationships between Andy and his friends Victoria (Stephanie Tague on whom I had my first TV crush) and Alec (Stevie-Lee Pattinson), become more important to the drama.

The series had a haunting closing song, sung by Barbara Dickson (and written by BA Robertson who seemed ubiquitous in TV theme writing terms in the 1980s), called "The Best of Friends". Oddly the song has never been released in any format.

The series was based on Frederick Grice's 1969 novel, The Courage of Andy Robson.