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Top Gun of anime, 31 January 2017

When I first started watching this series on the Funimation Channel,really want to say this series is ultimately awesome. It was like gundam,and macross in a whole new world. When I bought the series on DVD,It was enjoyable,and there were some episodes that I didn't see on the Funimation channel,and missed. But I got to see all the episodes,and was like watching it on TV again. Favorite characters:Apollo,Chloe,Rena,and Sylvia,and Commander Fudo. And my 2 favorite forms of Aquarion are:Solar,and Mars.The show also has a good voice cast,and it features the voices of:J.Michael Tatum,Todd Haberkorn,Laura Bailey,and Eric Vale(famous for Fruits Basket),and many others. So if you have seen this series,own it on DVD,and get the next show EVOL. It will get better.

A great show worth watching, 31 December 2016

What I like about this,it's a really great show all about the cosplay world.It was really inspiring,and I liked all the different cosplays. These people has put a lot of work into their costumes,and they have done a marvelous job. I too have attended conventions,and I really have a long way to go so I can be the best. Joshua Adams is a wonderful person,and I do hope that he can do more conventions,and I would like to get my series,Cosplay Travels into a reality.That is my big wish,and I would travel to shows,and talk facts about the cons. However,Cosplayer Nation is a good show,and I'll look forward to seeing more shows.

Great Anime Killer, 7 December 2016

How I got into it:

When I first viewed the first 2 episodes of this series on the Funimation Video app.Need to say,after watching the Japanese dub,this was a show that I want to own.

When I bought it:

When I bought the series at Best Buy on my 34th Birthday on DVD/Blu- Ray combo pack,I really found it more enjoyable.

When I watched it:

The series was amazing,and loved all the episodes.Favorite characters in the show,I like Kureha,Lulu,Life Cool,Life Sexy,and Life Beauty.

The meaning of the show:

What this series also explains is that we must be careful on who we are friends to. We all must know who to trust,and not to trust. And if we know that a person is being honest and truthful.

But after all, this is a series worth getting.You'll see what I mean once you see it.

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Best Series online,Ultra Cool on Blu-Ray, 1 July 2013

How I got into it: When I first heard about this series from a couple of cos player's at a con dressing up as the characters from it,I had to prove if they say it's the best series to check out. When I watched the show online,they were right,and I really enjoyed it.

When I decided to buy it: When I read about this anime getting released on DVD,and Blu-Ray during the winter in a Magazine,I really wanted to buy it on Blu-Ray,and I did.When I bought the series on Blu-Ray,first collection at Best Buy,and the Second collection at the con,it was like watching it online all over again.

Favorites: I have to say that the series was truly amazing,favorite characters were Himari,and the Double H girls,and their outfits were pretty hot. Of course,I love the music in the show.

Meaning: What this show reminds us all that fate can be very hard,and we must never tempt fate. And we should always be very careful on what we do,and not get into trouble.

But however,I really like this show,and those cos player's who were the characters from the show were right. It's truly the best.

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Best series of all time, 8 June 2013

When I first heard about this series,I have to say that a lot of people have been getting into it. I have to say that after seeing people dressing up as the characters at Anime Cons,this is a show that I wanted to see. After watching the series on crunchy-roll,I really wanted to own it. But after buying it on DVD,and watching it in English,it feels like watching it on Crunchyroll again. It has a great storyline,and the characters were amazing,and the dimensions where the battles take place reminds me of .hack//sign. But what this series reminds us that we should be careful on what we do. We all need to take responsibility on our actions,and never be reckless on what we do. I do believe that the Magical girls in the show have tried to be careful on what they do,and what fate they have. But however,this is one of a kind,and I think you all need to get this show,it's the best.

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Liked it on TV,and better on DVD., 26 June 2010

When I first checked out this chapter of Mobile Suit Gundam on Toonami years ago,I have to say this chapter of this show was even better than the first one.I only got to see some of the episodes,but not all of them. I had to get this series,and that is what I did. But when I bought the series after getting advice from Voice Actor,Michael McConnohie,he was right. It was enjoyable,and I really got into the series. It had a good storyline,and some of the best Gundams since the first. The characters I liked in the show are:Kiki,Shiro,Aina,and Norris.But however,this show is one the best chapters in the Mobile Suit Gundam series. So in closing,if you liked the first chapter of Gundam,then see this one.It's the best.

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Ultra Cool since the first!, 13 May 2010

What got me into it:

When I checked out the trailer of this chapter of Code Geass on the final volume of the previous Code Geass. I have to say after seeing what the next chapter is going to be like. I had to continue watching it.

When I got it:

When my Big Brother bought me the first volume of this chapter on my 27th Birthday,and I bought the others on my own. It was totally amazing,and I've really enjoyed it. And of course the storyline was different than the previous chapter.


I have to say the difference between the 2 chapters that the first chapter has the first knight mare frames,and later in the next chapter the same knight mare frames,and new ones. And of course some of the characters in the first chapter,and some of them in the next chapter. And new characters in the next chapter.


Favorite character in the show are:Lelouch aka Zero,Suzaku,Todoh,Dietard,Li Xing Ke of the Chinese federation.

The voice cast:

I have to say that Johnny Young Bosch has a great voice for playing Lelouch/Zero,and Michael McConnohie (famous for Transformers) playing the voice of the Emperior. And also to the show introducing Spike Spencer as Rolo.

So if you have seen the first chapter,then watch this chapter. It's the best,and you will love it.

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Cute,and Entertaining, 15 March 2010

When I first saw this series in a box set at a convention,I have to decide if this would be perfect series for my collection. When I bought the set,it was cute.It really interesting,and it had a perfect storyline. It also had some good characters,and great music for the opening,and ending theme.My favorite characters in the show are:Anzuko,Gallette,Chiffon,and Taruto.But however,this series is a perfect series for young children,and families. And I also want to say this series is one of a kind.It also has the great voice talents of:Jessica Straus(famous for Atelier Iris 2 & 3),Melodee M. Spevack,Wendee Lee,and others.So if you want to see something good,then see this show.It's the best,and you will love it.

"Suzuka" (2005)
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Inspiring and the best, 15 January 2010

What I like about this show after watching it on the Funimation Channel,it was truly interesting and the best. I really wanted to get this series,and I did. When my cousin bought me this series in a box set for Christmas,it was like watching it on the Funimation Channel again. It was a terrific series,and inspiring. And of course it had an amazing storyline. But what this show really tells us is being number 1 is a tough task,and it takes lots of hard work to achieve it. And also,it doesn't matter if you win or lose,it's how you play the game and do your best. And I also believe that Yamato has learned these lessons,and will always do his best. But however,this series is awesome,and worth watching. And of course Todd Haberkorn (famous for xxxholic),playing the voice of Yamato was his best role ever. So if you want to see something good,then see this series,you will like it.

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A great series for fans of Tenchi Muyo, 3 January 2010

When I first starting watching this series on the Funimation Channel. I gotta say that I've never seen anything like this. I never knew that the creators of Tenchi Muyo created a show with the character Sasami,and some of the others from Tenchi Muyo. I had to get this show,and that is what I did.When I bought the complete series on DVD,it was like watching it again on TV. It was inspiring,and the best. Favorite characters that I liked in the show are:Sasami,Amitav,Anri,Washu,and Daimon. I also like the song that Amitav sang.But what this show really explains is Friendship is the major part of the show. And we must also never hurt them and say bad things about them. But however,this series is all out the best. So if you the Tenchi Series,then see this show. You will see what I mean.

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