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WrestleMania XX (2004) (TV)
Overall Excellent PPV *Spoilers* ahead..., 15 June 2004

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1.John Cena vs. Big Show-Predictable, everyone knew Cena would win. It was a little boring, but it had a good finish. 4.5/10

2.RVD + Booker T vs. Dudley Boyz vs. Cade + Jindrak vs. La Resistance-Lots of people hated this match, I like it a lot, although Cade and Jindrak should have won. 6/10

3.Chris Jericho vs. Christian-Good match with a surprise at the end. 6.5/10

4.Rock and Sock vs. Evolution-Surprisingly a very good match. Since Foley lost to Orton at Backlash I think he and the Rock should have won, but oh well. 6/10

5.Evening Gown Match-Too short for me to grade it.

6.Cruiserwieght Open-This match was way too short and eliminations happened way too fast. Still an exciting match. 7/10

7.Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg-Absolutely horrible. For the first 10 minutes they just looked at each other, and why did they change the booking and make Goldberg win. Doesn't make much sense to me. 2/10

8.Rikishi + Scotty 2 Hotty vs. WGTT vs. APA vs. Bashams- Like the other Fatal 4 Way, the wrong team won as WGTT should have won, but they let Rikishi and Scotty keep the belts. Not quite as good as the Raw Fatal 4 Way. 5.5/10

9.Molly Holly vs. Victoria-This one also was too short for me to grade it.

10.Eddie Guererro vs. Kurt Angle-Awesome match, of course what else would you expect from these 2. 9.5/10

11.Undertaker vs. Kane-Am I the only the one that liked the American Badass Taker more than the deadman? I guess so, this match was also a little boring. 4.5/10

12.Chris Benoit vs. HBK vs. HHH-A great match with a great ending with the best man (Benoit) winning to end a great PPV.

WWE Judgment Day (2003) (TV)
Decent Pay Per View *Spoilers*, 27 March 2004

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1. Chris Benoit, Rhyno, and Spanky vs. John Cena and FBI (Palumbo and Stamboli)- Good match. A bit short, but very exciting match. Palumbo pinned Spanky after the Kiss of Death. 6.5/10

2. La Resistance vs. Test and Steiner- Awful match, mainly because of Steiner. Grenier pinned Steiner after a double flap jack. 3/10

3. Eddie and Tajiri vs. Team Angle- Great match. Lots of exciting parts in this match. Guererro hit Haas with a sunset powerbomb off the ladder and Tajiri sprayed Shelton with the green miust to win. 7.5/10

4. Intercontinental Battle Royal- Poor match. 5 guys were eliminated in a minute, and then Goldust, Booker T, Y2J, and CLB were in their for forever. Screwjob ending. Christian wins the title.

5. Mr. America vs. Roddy Piper- Horrible! It was the worst match I've ever seen as Mr. America wins with a leg drop. 1.5/10

6. Kevin Nash vs. Triple H- Another terrible match. Triple H got disqualified so he keeps the belt. Nash powerbombs him through the announcing table after the match. 2.5/10

7. Trish Stratus vs. Jacqueline, vs. Victoria vs. Jazz- Pretty good match. Jazz pins Jacqueline after a DDT. 6/10

8. Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show- Boring for a while, but picked up at the end. Lesnar wins. 5.5/10

Very average Pay Per View.

WWE Vengeance (2003) (TV)
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The best split PPV we've ever had *Spoilers* Ahead, 22 March 2004

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Warning Spoilers ahead...

1. Eddie Guererro vs. Chris Benoit- Great match between two great wrestlers for the US title. Lots of good near falls. I think it's a candidate for match of the year. Rhyno turned on Chris Benoit hitting him with the Gore setting him up for the Frog Splash. 9/10

2. Jaime Noble vs. Billy Gunn- A little short, but thats probably a good thing considering it's a Billy Gunn match. Noble rolled him up with a fistful of tights for the win. 6/10

3. APA Barroom Brawl- Hard to follow, not quite sure how the ref determines if someone is eliminated or not. Entertaining though. Bradshaw wins after cracking a bottle over the head of Brother Love. 7.5/10

4. Billy Kidman + Rey Mysterio vs. WGTT- Match of the night. All four of these men are very talented, and should be pushed. When it ended and I was begging for more. Charlie Haas had Mysterio up in powerbomb position. Benjamin made a tag, jumped off the top rope and clotheslined Mysterio as Haas followed through with the powerbomb. I don't care what anyone say this was match of the year! 10/10

5. Sable vs. Stephanie McMahon- This match really hurt the PPV. These 2 women showed why the Womens titles are on Raw, where the women actually know how to wrestle. A-Train knocked over Stephanie when the Ref had his back turned. Fastest I've ever seen A-Train run. (Not a compliment.) Sable covered her and won. 2/10

6. Undertaker vs. John Cena- Great match. Undertaker was bleeding eternally after Cena exposed the turnbuckle. Undertaker was also hit Cena's steel chain, then FU'ed and still Kicked out. Undertaker finally won after the Last Ride. 7/10

7. Vince McMahon vs. Zach Gowen- Not a very good match. It started to pick up near the end. McMahon was busted open. He eventually won after Gowen missed on a moonsault and he covered him. 3.5/10

8. Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show vs. Kurt Angle- Pretty good, but there was better. The main event is supposed to be the top match. Angle and Lesnar were both busted open. Big Show took an Angle Slam through the Spanish Announce Table. Angle finally won after Angle Slams on both men and covering Lesnar. 7.5/10

So, I gave this 52.5/80 which is pretty good.

Survivor Series (2003) (TV)
One of the best of the year *Spoilers Ahead*, 20 March 2004

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Along with Vengeance and Wrestlemania was one of the best PPV's of the year.


1.Smackdown's Ten Man Elimination tag match- Team Angle (Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Hardcore Holly, Bradshaw, and John Cena) vs. Team Lesnar (Brock Lesnar, Big Show, Nathan Jones, Matt Morgan, and A-Train.) Hardcore Holly brawled with Lesnar whipping him into the steel steps. Referee Brian Hebner went to split it up, but Hardcore knocked Hebner down getting himself disqualified. Holly Eliminated. Bradshaw and A-Train started it out. Bradshaw was in the corner when A-Train charged him going for a clothesline, Bradshaw moved out of the way and gave A-Train the clothesline from Hell pinning him. A-Train Eliminated. Big Show came in and Bradshaw got in a few chops before going for the Clothesline from Hell again, but Nathan Jones kicked Bradshaw in the back as he bounced off the ropes and Big Show chokeslammed him pinning him. Bradshaw Eliminated. John Cena came in and was dominated by Team Lesnar for a little while before tagging in Chris Benoit who went to work on Brock Lesnar. Lesnar managed to tag in Big Show who dominated Benoit. Legdrop on Benoit for a near fall. Big Show tagged in Matt Morgan. Benoit did a dropkick on Matt Morgan allowing him to tag in Angle who was on fire! 3 German Suplexes on Morgan, Jones ran in, dropkick to the knee of Jones, Lesnar ran in, scooped up Angle for the F5, Angle countered with another german, dropkick to Big Show knocking him out of the ring, Cena ran in knocking Lesnar over the top rope, Nathan Jones went for the big boot, but accidently hit Matt Morgan, Angle clotheslines Jones over the top rope, Angle Slam on Morgan and pins him! Morgan Eliminated. Jones ran in and grabbed Angle and held him. Big Show went for the clothesline on Angle, but accidently hit Jones, Angle knocks Big Show over the top rope, Ankle Lock on Jones, Jones taps out. Jones Eliminated. Lesnar ran in, scooped up Angle and delivered the F5 pinning Angle. Angle Eliminated. Benoit in going to work on Lesnar's shoulder. Crossface on Lesnar countered it with a roll-up for a near fall. I never see that happen! Benoit locks in the cross face again. Lesnars feet were on the ropes. Just moments later Benoit locked in the cross face again! Brock Lesnar taps out! Lesnar Eliminated. Big Show is the only man left for Team Lesnar against John Cena and Chris Benoit. Benoit with a flying Crossbody from the top rope for a near fall. Blind tag to Cena. Big Show Chokeslams Benoit. Cena hits Big Show with his steel chain while the ref is tending to Benoit, FU to Big Show pins hims. WINNERS: TEAM ANGLE. Very good match overall. Holly, Bradshaw, Angle, A-Train, and Nathan Jones were hardly in the match at all. Holly's elimination made no sense since the match hadn't started so hes was allowed to do what ever he wants. 7.5/10

2.Molly Holly vs. Lita- Molly controls match for the most part. Hits the Molly Go Round from the top rope for a near fall. Lita goes for the moonsault but Molly rolls out of the way. Molly then hits Lita with an exposed turnbuckle for the win. WINNER: MOLLY HOLLY Didn't care very much for this match. Good suprise though by the WWE by having Molly win. I thought for sure Lita would win. 4/10

3.Kane vs. Shane McMahon Ambulance match- Highlights of this match: Elbow Drop by McMahon from the top rope throught the announcers table, Leg Drop by MacMahon through a garbage can and a box on the concrete, Mcmahon backed up an SUV into Kane knocking him through the window! Kane eventually won it with tombstone loading Shane into the Ambulance. WINNER: KANE Kane just wasn't the type of person for this match. Matt Hardy, and RVD would have made much better opponents. It's been just a few months hes been gone and I already miss Shane. 5/10

4.Basham Brothers vs. Los Guererros- Eddie Guererro and Danny Basham start out. I don't remember much about this match, but Chavo got a hot tag, knocked down both Bashams, back body drop on Doug, Danny Irish Wipped Chavo off the ropes, they were going for a double team manuever but jumped over Danny and dropkicked Doug, double clothesline had both men down. At one point Shaniqua tried to interfere and Chavo got her with a clothesline. Eddie went to the top rope and did a frog splash on Shaniqua! Doug Basham was back in the ring now. Chavo hit him with a swinging DDT knocking over Eddie as well. Chavo went to check on Eddie and Danny ran in and rolled up Chavo pinning him. Danny had the tights. Winners: The Basham Brothers Solid match. 6.5/10.

5. Raw's Ten man elimination tag match: Team Stone Cold (Booker T, RVD, Dudley Boys, and HBK) vs. Team Bischoff (Y2J, Scott Steiner, Mark Henry, Randy Orton, and Christian)- D-Von Dudley and Christian start off. D-Von controls him and tags in RVD. Christian manages to tag in Chris Jericho. Enziguri on RVD for a near fall. Steiner gets tagged in. RVD with a couple of unique kicks on Steiner for near falls. Steiner with a belly to belly from the top rope for a near fall! RVD pokes him in the eye and then tagging in Booker T. Scissors kick on Steiner! Booker T does the Spinaroonie. Spinebuster on Steiner for a near fall as Christian and Randy Orton break up the pin. The rest of Team Stone Cold comes out and they brawl with the guys on Team Bischoff. Steiner with a lowblow and then the Steiner Recliner on Booker T. Stacy Kiebler distracted Steiner and he went out and grabbed her by the hair. THe Dudleys snuck on him and did some sort of double team back breaker move, which JR called a 3D. Book End on Steiner and pinned him. Steiner Eliminated. Mark Henry did a powerslam on Booker T and pinned him. Henry Eliminated. Bubba Ray came in and was overpowered by Henry. Tagged in D-von and they did a 3D! RVD with a frog splash out of nowhere! All 3 jump on Mark Henry and pin him. Henry Elininated. RVD was tagged in and faced Chris Jericho. Jericho tagged in Orton. Its about time he got in the match. He got dominated by Van Dam. RVD went to the top and got knocked off by Y2J. RKO on Van Dam and Orton pinned him. D-von came in and controlled Orton for a while. Y2J got a tag and after a few minutes pinned D-von off a neck breaker. D-von Eliminated. Later Michaels was in and took a clothesline from Jericho and was down. Bubba got a hot tag. Clothesline on Y2J, double Clothesline on Christian and Orton, Sidewalk slam on Jericho, Samoan Drop on Orton, Jericho got a low blow, Christian nailed him with the Unprettier and pinned him. Bubba Ray Eliminated. That left Michaels alone against Christian, Chris Jericho, and Randy Orton. Michaels later got split open, vertical suplex by Jericho for a near fall. Christian ran at him from the corner, Superkick out of nowhere and pinned him. Christian Eliminated. Y2J came and began to control the bleeding HBK. HBK with a DDT for a near fall, which Orton broke up. Michaels knocked Orton over the ropes Orton fell hard on the outside. Y2J went for the Lionsault, but Michaels got his knees up. Jericho went for the Walls of Jericho, Michaels countered with a small package for the pin! Y2J Eliminated, but Y2J didn't leave before hitting Michaels with a chair. Orton covered and he kicked out! Orton went for a cross body but missed and hit the ref. Michaels went for the kick but Bischoff ran in and kicked him. Stone Cold knocked Bischoff out of the ring. Stunner on Orton. Bischoff and Austin brawled on the outside. Batista ran in and powerbombed Michaels and Orton pinned him. WINNERS: TEAM BISCHOFF Easily the best match of the night and a match of the year canidate. 9.5/10

6.Undertaker vs. Mr. Mcmahon- Undertaker dominated the entire match. Kane interfered and helped Vince. Together they buried him alive. WINNER: Vince McMahon Didn't care for this match. 4.5/10

7.Triple H vs. Goldberg- Triple H went after Goldberg ankle throughout the match even hitting him with a chair. Referee Earl Hebner was knocked out. Triple H hit Goldberg with the brass knuckles for a near fall. Triple H knocked out the ref again. Goldberg had a sledge hammer. All of Evolution ran out Goldberg took out all of them with the sledge hammer. Spear on Triple H, then the Jackhammer and pinned him. WINNER: Goldberg.

Decent match. Not as good as their match at Vengeance. 5.5/10

Overall good PPV.