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Rocky and Bull--- Movie, 31 March 2009

Rocky and Bullwinkle: The Movie should never have been made. A complete waste of acting, time, money and paper. With who the producers had on board for this production, it should have carried over to the movie, but it never did. This film sure doesn't do the cartoon series justice. Just stupid, silly dialog, annoying characters, and the insertion of the cartoon characters into the movie doesn't help. It just looked like a desperate attempt to salvage a already sinking ship. The actors seemed to think they needed to over act like cartoon characters in a cartoon movie. Whatever- it didn't work for me. I expect some quality, and I never saw it. The movie was rocky, and the bull part...- I agree with that part of the title.

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Takes Movies back To the Stone Age, 31 March 2009

The movie just doesn't translate from the original cartoon series. It's like trying to reheat pizza. It just isn't as good as when it was hot the first time. And I can do without seeing Rosie O'Donnell in a one piece bareback skin tight outfit- yuk. What was with Fred Flintone wearing what looks like a rolex watch. It's like he forgot to take the watch off before the shot, and the director said, "Oh, well, shoot it anyway." I know kids are going to enjoy this movie, but for many of us adults who accompany our kids to the movie, it was a challenge to sit through this. I've never seen Barney look so goofy in my life. I'll take the cartoon every single time.

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Receiving a 1 Is Too Good For This Movie, 31 March 2009

Thankfully, I did not pay to watch this Mike Myers presentation in the movie theater. I suffered through about half of the movie in my home. So, to be quite frank, I cannot tell you how the second half of the movie goes or how it ends. It is immaterial. Thankfully, I was also not watching this movie (I use that term loosely) on a airline flight. I just may have asked for a parachute and taken my chances. This movie was a piece of crap from the opening credits. i will not bother to look up the names of the supporting casts, because they do not deserve to be looked up for anything, except maybe to have their acting cards revolved. Yes, i understand they were just reading their lines. Oh, man, do I realize they were just reading their lines. It begins and ends with Myers. I usually enjoy his work. I don't understand what he was thinking or doing. Possibly, he read too many of his press clippings and thought he could just throw out anything and the public would buy it. I hope he lost money because this project doesn't deserve to earn anything positive. The kids in this piece of garbage were very annoying, and very amateurish. A total waste of time, money and film.

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Usually Like Kevin James But ...(And It's a Big But-Pun Intended), 31 March 2009

I am a big Kevin James fan from watching him on "The King of Queens", but, this movie was really uneven. I'll give Kevin his props. He was pretty agile, and on the motorized cart he was good on that- whatever it is called. But the story line was slow at times, and sometimes just downright silly-stupid. I enjoyed seeing all the old crew from the "King of Queens" episodes. In fact, it would have been nice to see Jerry Stiller make a small cameo. That would have helped. I just got the feeling from watching some of the scenes, they weren't worked out as well as they should have been. And the script itself needed some over haul, especially the ending. I did laugh at a few pranks, but I didn't connect with the girl who played his daughter, for starters. That was bad casting there. Some scenes appeared rushed, or just didn't fit the flow of the movie. It just seemed the director and producer said to Kevin, "well, it's not great, but , what the heck, it's done, I laughed, let's go to the next shot." We kind of felt like that when we left the theater. "it's not that great, but what the heck. I laughed at a few things. Let's move on." Chances are, if you haven't seen this movie, you'll say the same thing.

Ruby and Oswald (1978) (TV)
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Important In Spite of Itself, 9 March 2008

I enjoyed watching this movie despite some bad acting, and ridiculous location scenes. The reason is the movie captured on celluloid forever some of the landmarks of one of the most historic events of the twentieth century. Landmark locations, such as the ramp at police headquarters, inside Oswald's boarding house, and inside the Texas Schoolbook Depository lunchroom, were filmed. Many of these iconic locations of the JFK Assassination are unreachable by the public, and may be gone someday. The Sixth Floor, for example, has been forever renovated and much different than that day in November, 1963. So the movie is important from that aspect, and it is remarkable that many locations in 1978 looked so similar to 1963. Also, I believe the script got the dialogue between Oswald and the police correct. It is difficult to say for sure, since no recording of the Oswald interrogation was done. But recollections by those there in 1963 match what the film portrayed. I also thought the Oswald character in this movie got the Oswald mannerisms down pretty well. Other characters from this historic event also were matched close to the real characters, although the Ruth Paine character did not even closely resemble her. But for history buffs like myself, I would rather have this in my archives than not have it.

Halloween (2007)
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This contains no Spoiler. Unless you include the movie itself, 1 February 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It is obvious after watching the newest version of Halloween, that many directors and producers don't have a clue how to make a true movie. They start with mindless, un- clever scripts, use nudity and profanity when they get stuck, and throw in some gore for shock value. The producers of this film need to sit down and quietly watch the original Halloween. No blood, no graphic rape scene, no yapping and swearing to fill the scene. This Rob Zombie attempt falls way short, and is a disgrace. Hey Rob, did your friends and family swell up with pride watching each scene unfold, complete with profanity, graphic nudity and a feeling of nastiness through out the movie. What a waste of my money and my time.

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5 words: Raquel Welsh In A Bikini, 14 September 2007

The summary says it all. Watching the lovely Raquel in a prehistoric bikini is excuse enough to watch the movie. I don't remember anything else about the movie. It's funny to watch movies like this because the actresses have manicured nails and styled hair. The Ringo Starr movie is another example. But when this movie shows up on TV, I can't help but watch it. It's like watching a train wreck, but what a beautiful way to die. Raquel is beautiful. She probably still is. I think she only had one line in the entire movie. I first saw it as a kid, and still remember it. Cable hasn't shown it in years. Let's hope they show it again.

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What Is Beautiful About This Movie?, 26 October 2004

I am not going to jump on this band wagon. What a boring movie. I kept thinking during the opening scenes that something was going to happen. I guess I fell asleep and missed the movie magic. What a bore. And from what I've read, the movie and the real life story are not even closely resembled.

The characters are dull, the script goes nowhere. Reading all the comments from people blathering about the greatness of this slow motion picture, I would love to hear from real men what they think. But, to each his own. This movie was trying to be art, but so was "Vanilla Sky". It was another borefest in the same vein. This movie really brought out the weaknesses in Russell Crowe's acting.

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Steve Martin is a Lemon, Not Jack Lemmon, 18 October 2004

Anyone who is a fan of the original movie will be disappointed by the effort (or lack there of) by Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn in this 1999 remake. The 1970 movie starring, Jack Lemmon and Sandy Dennis, is a classic. Lemmon should have at least been considered for a Academy Award for his performance. Steve Martin is a lemon, not Jack Lemmon, in this newer version. Goldie Hawn certainly is not golden. They both over act and over react in almost every scene. The key to being effective in a comedy is to deliver funny lines in a serious manner, and trust the script. Not make it so evident to the viewing audience that "this is where you laugh now." Watch both movies, starting with the 1970 original. When you compare the 1999 version with the classic, you'll drive away with the 1970 model. "The Out of Towners" is out of sync.

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WAKE ME UP WHEN IT'S OVER, 16 March 2003

Boring direction, boring characters, boring story. Yes, I know the ending is shocking, but I couldn't tolerate staying with it to the end. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I respected Ron Howard's work- until I had to sit through his destruction of "How The Grinch Stole Christmas". Now this ugly waste of time.

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