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Frozen (2010/I)
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Unbelievable, 7 September 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I managed to sit through this film but I suggest you avoid it, unless watching paint dry interests you. How much thrill/horror are you going to encounter, realistically, with 3 people trapped on a chair lift?! There are just too many possibilities for these people to escape their situation making it just too stupid to even sympathize or believe in the severity of their predicament. Spoilers: First, the guy jumps. Yes, it would be my first thought if I was put in that situation. However, I would have done everything to limit the potential for injury. They could have removed shirts, ski pants, etc and made a rope to hang from the lift so they're falling from a shorter distance. Second, the wolves. Come on! This is a ski area! They would never attack so aggressively. Possibly the first guy might have something happen because of his condition and blood, but definitely not the second guy. That drove me crazy. Lazy, uncreative writing. So much more drama could have been accomplished from developing the fallen guys situation than throwing in the wolf pack. Stupid. Lastly, the guy climbs down. He would never manage it. Never! He has been trapped in the cold overnight with no food or water. I would question some of the most athletic people being able to do that climb...especially with ski boots on! Ski gloves have leather patches to protect against cable damage by the way, has the writer ever been skiing?! The bunny hill uses cable lifts! Why not make it believable and have the guy use his legs on the cable to help distribute his weight and easier to traverse?

Anyway, I wont go on and on about all the things that bothered me in this movie. It drove me nuts. I can handle some "stretches" of possibilities but if they are presented in the wrong way or go over the top it just flops. This definitely flopped for me. The tension wasn't there, you don't have any connection to the characters (hell I wanted them to die), nothing. All the reviews giving praise are either completely clueless, drunk or working for the producers of this movie.

Abandoned (2010) (V)
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So Sorry Brittany, 22 August 2010

They should have burned the work print out of respect for B.M! This "movie" gets my pick for worst movie I have seen in 2010. I'm sorry, I really liked Brittany and hate to see this as the last thing she put out before her tragic death. The acting, the writing, the story, the lighting, the continuity...everything is just pathetic. Its completely low budget, or at least the quality of the work is. Save yourself the 2 hours, you'd be better off watching grass grow.

*I only write reviews for really amazing movies or REALLY horrible movies. This is my first review in years, if that helps you judge how awful this was.