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Code vs. Code Red, 29 March 2012

Tom Cruise (Lt. Kaffee), Demi Moore (Lt. Commander Galloway), and Jack Nicholson(Col. Jessep) star in this Rob Reiner dramatic legal thriller about the dangers of following orders at all cost as a United States Marine. Two marines are court-martialed for the murder of a fellow marine. Kaffee is a Jr. Grade Naval Attorney known to plea-bargain, who is teamed up against his will with a highly motivated and passionate litigator Galloway. They must defend these two marines who were caught in the moral cross hairs between their conscience and their code: Unit, Corps, God, Country.

It is up to Kaffee and Galloway to show the judicial system that sometimes even Officers take things into their own hands, and that words like "Code Red" still exist in places we don't like to talk about. Caution is advised to counsel, there is a very fine line between asking questions and smearing the name of a Highly Ranked Officer (Jessep) on the witness stand.

From director Rob Reiner's view, this movie was based on a true event that came from(screen play writer) Aaron Sorkin's sister, a brand new law graduate. I believe the message and the biggest question was "Why was this case given to a Jr. Grade Attorney with a track record for plea-bargaining? Was it so it never saw the inside of a courtroom?" The message in this movie was clear, in fact it was "crystal clear."

What struck me about this movie was the damned-if-you-do and damned-if-you- don't situation that the two marines found themselves in. By following the "code red" order, they violated the oath that they took to protect the innocent. By disobeying the order they were in direct violation of their code. The supporting cast was outstanding, and the seat-gripping courtroom argument between Kaffee and Jessep was the performance of a life time, and in my opinion a must see movie!