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Van Wilder (2002)
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Hilariously funny!, 14 April 2004

This movie is hilariously funny! I've seen it more than 4 times and it gets funnier every time! Ryan Reynolds is hilarious as Van Wilder, the lead role. Being that this is a National Lampoon movie, one would expect it to be funny. It definitely lives up to expectations of the previous National Lampoon movies. The script is ingenious and is extremely well-written. Many parts of the movie are unexpected, which makes it all the more enjoyable. This movie is so much fun to watch over and over again. The part with the dog and the "eclairs" is hilarious in itself. Although this is one of Reynolds' first movies, it is a big hit. Surely, we can look for more hilarious movies like this one in the future.

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Not what i expected, 11 February 2004

Although, i have never seen the series for either of these 2 serial killers, i was interested in the movie. i have seen parts of their movies, as well as seen Jason X twice and another Friday the 13th movie as well. Robert Englund was superb as Freddy Kruger, the guy who kills people in their dreams. Ken Kirzinger could have made a more convincing Jason, which leads me to doubt some parts of the movie. However, the other characters are wisely chosen, although they deaths are not as scary as they could be. not to mention the fact, that my brother, who is a huge fan of Freddy, does not recall the 2 boys from the mental institution, being in any of the other Freddy movies. i intend to find this out for myself. but in the meantime, if you enjoy a good kill now and then, this movie is definitely one that you should watch, especially on Friday the 13th.