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Hostel (2005)
Good enough film, but not as graphic and gory as it is said to be
17 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I went into Hostel expecting a realistic, graphic, gore-fest. I didn't quite get what I was looking for.

The first 2/3 of the film can be written off as "softcore porn". Plenty of nudity in the film, if that is what you want in your horror by all means see this movie.

The big draw of the film was the supposed horrifying, graphic, and realistic sequences of torture. This the film does not deliver. All in all you get maybe 3 whole scenes of torture. None of them are done realistically(not noticeable unless you know a thing or two about this sorta thing) or in a very gory fashion. You got a guy get "drilled" and his Achilles tendon cut, a guy get mentally tortured(who then kills his torturer), and you have a girl get her face burned. That is about it for the torture scenes.

The story for Hostel is pretty meh, supposedly it is based on true events, but I doubt it.

All in all it is a decent way to kill time. I'll be picking up the Unrated DVD, if anything just to see if it is as graphic as it was hyped to be.

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Child's Play (1988)
Glad I finally watched it.
25 August 2004
Well after years of the movie scaring me(I first saw parts when I was 3) I finally sat down and watched a little movie called "Child's Play" Boy am I glad I did. I watched #1 straight through to Bride, and can't wait for Seed. I will do this in a typical review format.

Story: 10/10

An original concept!?! Yes it is. A rarity these days. Serial killer Charles Lee Ray is being chased, after being mortally wounded he uses voodoo to transfer his spirit into the most populare child's toy on the market, the Good Guy's doll. He is purchased for young Andy Barclay, and soon after his baby sitter dies, and is Chucky his doll accused, of course not, Andy swears it was his doll. Chucky soon discovers that he is becoming human and has to transfer his soul to the body of the person he first told his true identity to, Andy!

Violence: 8/10

I liked the violence in the movie, but it didn't have enough in my taste, but don't get me wrong I love the movie enough to not care.

Language: 10/10

Horror movies should keep then language at about this level, and save the excessive swearing for comedies.

Main Villain: 11/10

Seriously, Chucky is the man. Both voices fit, and the effects used on him are perfect.

Effects: 10/10

Great effects, even by today's standards.

Overall: 10/10

I love this movie.

Buy or Rent: BUY!!
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Jack Frost (1997 Video)
This is one of those movies that make you say, That was so bad it's good.
11 February 2004
It all starts with a rather hilarious opening sequence, which leads to an execution vehicle taking the movies killer off to his death. In a bizarre accident a tanker blasts Jack with a secret genetic acid. Jack melts into the snow and is nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile Sherrif Sam, the one who caught Jack, and his family are driving back home. Jack discovers that a local has been killed, after arriving at work. Sam's son decorates a snowman that mysteriously appeared in front of the house. Jack, who if it wasn't obvious enough is the snowman. Another body drops and the son can only say the snowman did it. More bodies drop and a laugh a minute begins. A perfect 10.
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