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I am noticing that the majority of today's T.V. seems to be centered around cuddly froo-froo vampires or over-the top unnecessary drama (the got to be in your business 24/7 people) real-life-esque drama queen no brains required B.S.. It would seem that most production companies prefer to cancel shows (regardless of their popularity) when they do not conform to one of those two stereotypes. I have seen others fall victim to this phenomenon simply because the production company is facing a possible bankruptcy (so networks just put the nails in the coffin and move on). I may sound jaded, but I like my entertaining shows, which are down to like 5 airing that I still care to follow...
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Short list of T.V. that interests me. There seems to be far to much mindless T.V. and not enough engaging shows out now-a-days. I would greatly appreciate comments of other shows that I may like based on this list! Enlighten me!
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I remember when I was younger my cousin and I used to spend hours assembling a dream team cast of actors and actresses that we would have loved to see work together back in the day. Well now that they've done it with a great movie, 'The Expendables', and its sequel, here are some names I would love to see be a part of this great franchise. (I have omitted those already involved, they are all great castings!)