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These are all great movies that happen in a work environment, or where "the job" is a central part of the film. If you're looking for a way to spend the holiday weekend, you can't go wrong here. ;-)
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Here's my list of nearly a hundred of the best actors in the industry, in order of preference. (There's a separate list for actresses). More actor comments to come as I get time.
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In my opinion, these are 30 of the best actresses of all time. (Then there are some honorable mentions after that).
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Although they're not ALL family fare, these films all have stories that at least partially take place during the Christmas holidays.
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There are tons of Christmas movies, and plenty of TV episodes about Thanskgiving, but not a lot of Thanksgiving films. Here are seven of the best.
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Previously I only had the films listed alphabetically, but I finally tackled the impossible and ranked them in order of quality from 1 to 25.
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For series with multiple versions (e.g. The Office, or Black Adder) I did not list each one, rather I selected the best one and added comments about the others. The only exception was Star Trek, because each series was so uniquely different and worthy of individual honors.
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In my opinion, these are the best 100 movies ever made. Titles are listed alphabetically, not in order of quality.