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Footloose (2011)
If it ain't broke don't try to fix it, 30 June 2012

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Firstly if I come across as biased this is because I love the original version, I had it on video, I have it on DVD, but...while watching this remake I felt like I was cheating on the original. The acting is okay but none of the actors have the character of the first film, the two main characters that didn't meet up to what I would expect were first of all Kenny Wormald, this guy is no Kevin bacon, yes he can dance but I found his acting a little shady, I don't think he did the job as well as the directors first choice of Zac Efron would have done. Second actor was Dennis Quaid, for me he just wasn't believable, watch the first film and you will see John Lythgow steal every scene he's in, especially when he's doing his sermons in the church, he's the kind of preacher that would keep your attention. The story line is okay, its been freshened up a bit, brought up to date and tweaked in some places, but the bus race was rubbish, they should have stuck with the tractor chicken. Some of the dialect from the first film is used again and if you've seen it you'll sit watching and saying to yourself that's from the original....and so's that...and so's that. I did like the beginning of the film as it gives a back story which sets up the film. Finally I hated it that the version of Footloose that was used wasn't the original by Kenny Loggins?, some things should be left alone. All in all it's not a bad remake but why remake a film that there was nothing wrong with in the first place? First The Italian Job, now Footloose, what next The Godfather?? I recommend you watch either of these films cos they are both enjoyable, but the 1984 version is still better!

I don't get it, 11 May 2012

I was generally disappointed with this film, the connection to the first one is virtually non existent, containing a different back story to the first film???? I was hoping for a similar style of plot with a better bad guy, the bad guy in this was just rubbish, bad character, bad acting, bad dialog, a theme for the film in my opinion. I like Nic Cage and most of his movies but found his acting a bit shady as was the storyline. The end of the first film left a wide opening for a sequel which looked promising as did the trailer for this one but on the whole its a let down. I won't spoil the film if you want to watch it but I will say that the first film is better, the bike is better, the rider is better and the storyline is better. My advice would be to watch ghost rider the directors cut instead.