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Favorite movie from my Childhood., 24 February 2004

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This is by far my favorite movie from my adolecent age as I was 11 when it came out and saw it in the teatres and remember it like it was yesterday. I am on of the biggest baseball fans you will ever meet (an Orioles fan if your keeping track). This movie, that I probably should not have seen at the age of 11 because of the language, was great. It still holds the test of time. My wife and I watch it whenever it comes on TV and she hates to watch it because I will say the lines of the movie right befor they come on word for word, man I even think that I know the edited versions from watching it on regular TV. My cousin and I spent countless hours of our life watching this movie.

The movie takes a look at the laughing stock of baseball, at the time, the Cleveland Indians. With the hilarious ex show girl wife of the now dead owner taking over the team and wanting to re-locate them to sunny Florida (this is prior to the Marlins being introduced in 94). So she wants to put together the worst team possible as she has found a loup hole in the contract if their attendance falls below a certain number for the year then they can move, with no protest from the city. The attendance number that it has to fall below is some ridiculously low number but she thinks they can do it. There are many great scenes prior to any baseball being played at all, including one of the best lines in the movie when they are looking over the people they want to invite to camp."This guy here is dead!" "Cross him off then". If you love this movie like I do your laughing right now. I know I need to shorten up the end of this review for word sake so i'll go quickly through the rest. So they assemble this team of a few has beens and a couple of never will be's.First there is one of the best guys in the movie Harry Doyle(Bob Uecker)as the announcer who's quick wit really carry a lot of the moive(not really part of the team but deserved to be mentioned). Lou-The minor league manager who works at Tire World and doesn't seem to be too excited about managing the Indians as he puts the GM on hold because he has someone on the other line asking about some whitewalls. Jake-The aging catcher w/bad knees. Dorn-The over confident 3rd baseman who can't field a ground ball. Hays-Who can run circles around anyone but likes to pop the ball up. Harris-The aging pitcher who throws nothing but spit balls. Cerano-The voodoo man who can't hit a curve ball. Then there is Vaughn, the pitcher who can throw the ball as hard as anyone but just can't control it. Playing the enemies in the movie, it's baseball so it still stands today and would have to be, are the Yankees. The Indians go thru the season struggling of course until the GM tells the manager that the owner has hired all of them just to loose. So this, like in most 80's movies, is the what I like to call "we're gonna do it!" factor of the movie. Where they Indians need to win something like 32 out of 40 games to get into and final day tie with the Yankees. This makes it so that there is a one game playoff between the two. This by far is the best part of the movie, this whole game. If you haven't seen this movie I won't give it all away, but i'm sure you know the end because it's an 80's movie. Still to this day whenever I see this movie I still get chills with the Harry Doyle call at the end. As I said before one of my favortie movies from my childhood.

3 1/2 out of 4 stars.

Not up to par with the original as most sequels aren't., 24 February 2004

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The Indians are back in what is suppose to be the next year but was filmed 5 years later. That for one throws the movie because Vaughn/Sheen aged a lot in between the 2 movies as did Jake/Berenger. Now the movie is a disappointment from beginning to end. First off the movie is rated PG, PG!!! the orginal was rated R. So they went for the family aspect which I can understand but not cool when your a filming a sequel to an original with enough F bombs in it to make Joe Pesci apreciate it. So going in I knew that it wasn't going to up to par. Plus Epps coming in and taking over the role of Willie Mays Hays for Snipes was a bad omen. Harris also did not come back for the sequel. Other than that everyone came back for it, Jake was in a non player role. Plus there was a few new guys. Rube-a funny down home red neck who can gun anyone out but can't trow the ball back to the pitcher. Tanaka-A guy who can't speak any english but has great heart, and some really funny scenes w/Cerrano. Jack-the cocky catcher who no one likes. Dorn is back but as the Owner, for a short while. For people not on the team you have Randy Quaid in a good role as the heckler in the outfield, very funny.

As for the movie, it just doesn't have "IT" the way the first movie did when it just sucks you in. Right from the beginning w/the flash back scenes (I remember seeing it in the teater w/my brother and he hated it right from that point on) it just didn't have the same feel. The baseball scenes are done well, plus it was filmed at Oriole Park (my team!wahoo). The movie just never gets on a good pace plus this was when movies were getting away from this type of feel. For one thing we have Vaughn who in the first movie is a thug from the streets now he has sold out for his 7 figures because he doesn't want to burn himself out throwing nothing but fastballs. Don't get me wrong I liked the movie but just for what it was. It's a decent little baseball flick that Universal just tried to cash in on the first one being a cult hit. The drama from the first one isn't there and the formula is exactly the same as the first. With the exception of them trading their best player to the White Sox (who beat them in the ALCS after the first movie). They get to a point then need to win to get into the playoffs. This time though the Indians are playing for the ALCS not just for a playoff birth and it's against the White Sox who are now their big rivals because they beat them in the ALCS last time. So there is a 7 game series where of course we just see clips of the first 6 games and it comes down to the final 7th game...

The 7th game is well put together but falls short of the excitement of the first game. Of course the game pokes along with just about everything being the same except it comes down to the bases being loaded and Vaughn coming in to pitch agains Jack who they traded away. I've said it before in the review the drama just wasn't there. I liked the movie but that is just because it's a baseball movie so i'm biased in that aspect. I'd give it 2 out of 4 stars.

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Movies have changed because of Pulp Fiction, 24 February 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


This is one of the greatest movies of the 90's, if not the greatest. The direction and editing are bar none above almost anything else that was put out at that time. The script circles a lot around F bombs but that's ok because it gets it's point across. The 3 stories this movie goes around are hilarious, action packed, and drama filled. It has everything you want in a movie, all though there is no real love story sorry ladies.

This is the movie that launched Samuel L. Jackson's now amazing career, and to think it may have never happened as he almost lost the part. John Travolta also came back completely because of this movie. Ving Rhames has gone on to be just a bad man (in a good way) because of this movie. It opened a lot of peoples eyes to Uma Turman as well, even though it was almost 10 years later in another Tarantino movie before she really got back to the "mainstream". Harvey Keitel, who is an underrated actor in a great role. Tim Roth, one of Tarantino's favorites, is good in the small role he has. Plus Bruce coming in on a very un Bruce like low key role. Now I know a lot of people reading this would disagree but this is also the movie that opened everyone up to Tarantino, I know Reservoir Dogs is highly considered a better movie but this brought him into the lime light. So we have Pulp Fiction to thank for all of the above, some are upset about the Travolta part but hey in the right role he's an amazing actor.

The way the movie just jumps around w/the end being in the middle and the middle being in the end was genious. At the time I couldn't say I'd ever seen anything like it befor. The fact that the movie is more about the dialogue than anything else is what separates PF from a lot of other movies of this type of genre. While the action in the movie is very entertaining it's what is coming out of the charaters mouths that drives the movie. To quickly introduce some of the characters. You have Jules/Jackson quoting from the Bible. Vincent/Travolta with his now infamous Royal with Cheese conversation. Wallace/Rhames being just a bad dude and delivering his lines a smooth as anyone. Mia/Thurman and her quirky character. The Wolf/Keitel just coming in and smoothing everything over as only the Wolf can. I know i'm being vague w/details but if you haven't seen this movie stop reading the review and go watch it, if you have seen it your hopefully getting my point. Spoilers below.

The action should not be dismissed, it is very well done. You have the very well put together way of Butch/Wills not throwing his fight but you don't see it all you see is him running out of the building. Then him meeting up w/Wallce later and running him over in a his car. The following part at the pawn shop is both disturbing and funny. The whole part of when we see Vincent and Jules going to collect from the kids who stole from Wallace is brilliant. Right down to the kid coming out of the bathroom with, as Vincent puts it, a "Hand cannon". Then there is my favorite part of the movie. The Vincent and Mia date. This is just so well put together the dialogue between the two of them is great, plus the sexual tension between them adds a little drama too it. Then the drug overdose that happens at the end is gut renching and is what makes it my favorite part of the movie. There is the "Bonnie Situation" which as sad as it is that someone dies in the beginning of that part of the story that it is one of the funniest parts of PF. This is where we meet Tarantino, a good role for him to play even if he's not the best actor in the world. Heck you can stand him in it because everyone else is so great. The Wolf is also in this part of the story as a basic Mr. fix it guy who comes in and saves Vincent and Jules after what they did to the poor kid in the car. The last one is, I know I went out of order and if I forgot anything I appologize, the robbery at the coffee shop. This is what made Jackson in my opinion, his banter with Travolta in this sceen is once again great. BUT what makes it is when Jules/Jackson won't let Roth's character take the brief case. When he has Roth at gun point and starts to talk that is some of the best acted and spoken dialogue you'll see maybe ever.

In closing I appologize for the review being jumpy and not well put together, when I think about this movie so many things come to mind as it is non stop from beginning to end with no slow parts. For 2 1/2 hours your just sitting on the edge of your seat because you have no idea what is going to happen next. That's how I felt watching it in '94. Now movies have changed a lot from back then, in part I think, because of this movie so you may not feel the same way as I did watching it then. It holds the test of time as well now 10 years later. So if you read this review and haven't seen the movie, I appologize if I gave too much away but go and watch it now and let us know what you think. I would give this movie 3 1/2 out of 4 stars (I don't give a lot of 4 stars btw)