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Page 36 (2010)
Not What You Expect, 10 January 2014

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Page 36 is about a down on his luck ex con played well by the male lead. He finds himself a two strike offender with no opportunities for a job that pays well enough for him to care for his sick child, wife and gravely ill father. Having seen his dilemma, an underground operation offers him the chance to become a volunteer "slave" for 20 years so that he can gain financial benefit. You will see parallels of the slavery trade from 300 years ago making this film a bit more interesting than others. It is a tough piece of material to convey in under twenty minutes but the movie does see things to quick resolution. Add this to your films of must see......what's 15 minutes of your time to see this political and social commentary unfold on the screen.

Daddy's Girl (2007) (TV)
Decent Doc Film, 4 February 2012

This was a decent doc film that will call to memory one that Laila Ali's father starred in himself,Muhammed Ali, years after his climb to the top and his retirement years later. Its called "When We Were Kings" and you can check it out here:

I like Laila Ali. Not that my opinion matters, LOL, but she is rather likable as a human being. She carries that same undeniable Ali attitude that her father had. You remember that Ali Attitude right? Confidence, Swag,Self - Empowerment, Loyalty and a lover of truth - even if your position is an unpopular one. If there is anything to inherit, you'd want to inherit that Ali Attitude.

So net check this movie out if you want to see that Ali Attitude conquer another generation (ours) and to just watch an uplifting film about the power of believing in yourself and your dynasty.

You can do it.

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A Quality Movie with Mobster Flair, 6 September 2009

OK...yes, I confess. I am a mobster movie junkie and I also confess that I've seen this movie no less than 10 times....maybe more. That said, this is a superb coming of age tale about a young Italian kid that grows up in the Bronx, NY. He gets mentoring from two very different people . . . his straight shooter father, played by DeNiro and from the local mobster boss, played by Chazz Palmenteri. Both have the kids best interests at heart, but the way they mentor him is the whole plot of the story. There are several sub plots in this story. One plot was the complicated relationship of father and son; the relationship between an Italian mother and son; a young love story with a special twist in that its an interracial relationship in the turbulent racially tense 1960s; finally, the relationship between young friends growing up in the same neighborhood and all the mischief that results from their exploits. In a nutshell, A Bronx Tale make you smile and shed a tear - all the qualities of a quality drama. Enjoy this one - and enjoy the soundtrack, which is one of the best ever compiled! (Reviewed by TheMovieMonkee)

Caramel (2007)
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Great Movie!!, 6 September 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

ALERT!! CONTAINS Spoilers What a nice independent morsel this movie, Caramel, is!!! It is uniquely positioned to fall into the dramedy category (a comedy and drama amalgamation). Heres the plot be warned in advance, there are spoilers so turn back now if you don't want the entire scoop. Caramel mainly centers on the daily lives of five Lebanese women living in Beirut. Layal (Nadine Labaki) works in a beauty salon in Beirut along with three other women. While not completely clear who works there and who is merely a client, it is clear that this is the Waiting to Exhale for the Lebanese. Each female lead has a problem: Layal has a relationship with a married man, Nisrine (Yasmine Al Masri) is engaged to be married but we soon learn she did not await the wedding/marriage ceremony to consummate the union, Rima (Joanna Moukarzel) is attracted to a beautiful client who frequents the shop (a female client) and Jamal (Gisèle Aouad) is worried about growing older and will go to elaborate means to appear younger. Lastly, there's Rose (Sihame Haddad), a tailor with a shop next to the salon. Rose, an older female character, has clearly devoted her life to take care of her older sister who has dementia. But just when her life should be ramping down, she starts to feel a spark of attraction with a male customer that constantly needs tailoring to his suits. Lets explore Layals character a bit more. She is troubled over her relationship with a married man. Moments that are stolen away either in a car parked in a desolate place or moments taken via cell phone while hiding in the bathroom are no longer enough she makes plans to meet him at a hotel for a romantic rendezvous but he does not show up . . . leaving Layal in tears, leaning on her friends and finally in a place to notice a young police officer that is longing to be her suitor. True intensity develops as the wife of her lover comes into the shop for beauty services. The wife does not know Layals secret but Layal knows who she is. Then there is Rose, who is exhausted and weighted by her duties as caregiver. She was asked on a date by the gentleman customer and she went to the salon to get all made up. Unfortunately, while she was applying her makeup, her sister begins banging on the door as she often does, and then in a heartbreaking scene, it is then that Rose knows that her life will not ever be hers. This is a web of story lines but it is very easy to follow even with the English subtitles. Its daring, given its country of origin and worth the hour and a half spent indulging in this prickly, sweet Caramel.

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What a pleasant surprise!, 30 January 2009

OK - I got this movie on Netflix....and when my husband saw it, he immediately thought I was crazy.

Well, I fooled him! Outside of a few corny moments spurred on by the musical score, this movie was quite a touching tale of love found, lost, found, lost and found again. This wasn't your average tale of love though - but I won't spoil your viewing experience.

I really enjoyed it and think that others will definitely think others will too. It will make you yearn for a burning love or it will make you think of that one who got away or maybe the love that slipped away. Either way, it will melt the toughest heart in the room. Grab your popcorn and your honey and cuddle up with the remote for this one.

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams really nailed their roles and it was evident that they will have long careers ahead of them.

Notorious (2009)
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Avoid the crowd - Get it on DVD - on the day it comes out ;-), 30 January 2009

Notorious was a decent movie - that arrived about 3 years past its ideal date - but I have to say, I think they took some liberties with the film. For instance, Sean "Puffy" Combs is portrayed solely as a mentor and friend to BIGGIE but I think this has a lot to do with his executive producer credit. Make no mistake, its still a good film with a killer soundtrack - but lets not mistake this for anything more than an average biopic. Good effort by Jamal Woodard as B.I.G. but as for movie vets, Derek Luke and Angela Bassett? I was left feeling . . . feeling like something was missing. Luke did well enough playing that ass clown, Puffy, but why did he do it? Probably for the paycheck only. Angela Bassett flowed in and out of the Jamaican accent - with in this case - made it hard for us to believe her as Voletta. Naturi Naughton had a good turn as Lil Kim but I was not happy with the amount of gratuitous nudity they displayed when it came to her. But I blame that on the director solely. Anthony Mackie was horrible as the late Tupac Shakur....just horrible! Antonique Smith was really impressive in her role as Faith Evans. We really believed in the chemistry between her and Woolard. In the end, I think all eyes should be on the two of them in this one and I hope Jamal finds some other opportunities to be a leading man. Black and sexy as ever - Jamal....

Hancock (2008)
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Hancock – It's better than you think!, 28 November 2008

Hancock – It's better than you think! I had my concerns about this movie before grabbing a copy at my local Blockbuster. Friends and critics alike told me to steer clear. But like a moth to a flame, being warned about it just makes me want to see it even more! Having heard that the film had been pared down to fit the ratings for PG-13, I kept feeling that Will Smith and crew should have gone for the R rating anyways. Most of the people going to see it probably feel that way. Will Smith was looking fabu in his hero suit and Charize Therron always keeps me entertained. I enjoyed some of the scenes with Will Smith (Hancock) and some neighborhood kids - that made me chuckle. Goodness knows, I've wasted more time on theatrical duds in my lifetime. Anywho, the plot could have been developed a great deal more but it was an entertaining 2 hours of cinema.

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Pudgy Kung Fu Fighting Pandas Rock!, 28 November 2008

Pudgy Kung Fu Fighting Pandas Rock! My family and I caught this one on DVD. I say family, but its just my hubbie and I. First off, we are true animated film fans – there are very few – if any – that we have not seen. That said, KFP (Kung Fu Panda) was in the head of the class. This one graduates summa cum laude with movies like Shrek and Monsters, Inc. As a kid, we loved the karate films like: The Karate Kid - Parts 1 thru12 *LOL*, The Last Dragon, and of course, those endless karate film marathons on the television on Sundays. We couldn't wait to try out the latest "crane technique" on our brothers or sisters. You remember when. This one had us nostalgic for that same golden era. The artwork was amazing and crisp – you felt that the characters were people with all the human factors that endure. The acting was great and the comedic timing was spot on. We really enjoyed watching this DVD and strongly recommend this for adults and children alike.

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A pretty good effort!, 28 September 2008

I rather enjoyed the latest offering from renowned film artist, Spike Lee. I think this latest film shows the growth that Spike Lee has experienced since his last release. We still see many familiar faces from his previous films like John Leguizamo and John Turturro (and even Kerry Washington returns to this Lee joint) - but we also see many new faces like Derek Luke and Michael Ealy to his films. If Denxel Washington is any indication, then these young actors are destined for greatness. Back to the move plot - - >> yes, it gets weighed down in a few places - like a gratuitous sex plot - which do take away from the overall movies mission. However, I rather enjoyed the sub plots, the interesting twists and the end result. Spike really did a good job and despite this film, by a black filmmaker, opening in about 1000 theaters (versus the 3000+ for Eagle Eye from a white filmmaker), I certainly hope he gets consideration for the Oscars - even if its for lighting and/or costumes alone. I recommend this one to all.

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Other Four letter Words Come to Mind . . ., 10 May 2008

This movie, despite its list of B, C, and D list celebs, is a complete waste of 90 minutes. The plot, with its few peaks, was very predictable. It was so silly that I cannot believe that I am taking the time to even write a review of it. Flex, to his credit, has grown in his ability to act since playing Michael Jackson in a made for TV movie a few years ago. Tangi, on the other hand, has regressed, as she was more talented in her role as Felicity's flunkie some years ago. As I sat watching this train wreck of a film, with its pitiful production and horrible sound quality, other four letter words came to my mind to qualify what I thought of this film. However, in an effort to keep my writings G Rated, I'll simply say this film is another four letter word starting with an L. LAME!!!

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