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From depicting raping women to violence against infants?, 14 May 2016

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They were asked to "tone down" its depictions of brutal violence both sexual and otherwise. But instead the morons who wrote this episode decided to pass up the violence against women and instead show violence against children? What kind of a sick person writes a scene that shows a newborn baby being fed to blood-thirsty dogs alive along with its mother??? Given the point is to show how cold-hearted sick bastard Ramsay is but aren't there any other ways to show that than going overboard with its sickness?

Seems like the makers of GOT are sick people themselves if they resort to sickness in the name of shock value to fill their pockets.

Risen (2016)
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A triumphant Christian movie that should've been publicized big worldwide!, 22 April 2016

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A movie that portrays and unfolds the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the eyes of an unbelieving soldier who is sent to ensure he is dead and remains dead due to the scare amongst the Jewish Sanhedrin can only be a more refreshing angle to the clichéd approach of previous biblical movies. And it was. Particularly due to the extremely convincing main character Joseph Fiennes. While casting could've been better for the biblical portrayals of Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Pontius Pilate who were too comical for the roles, the rest of the movie is done well. And it will tell a wonderful story to believers every where since it is a feel-good factual story with a happy ending.

Recommended watch for Christian movie-goers who can keep aside their skepticisms, criticisms and their perfectionisms knowing that no person in Hollywood can, has and ever will make a movie that is 100% biblically accurate in its storytelling or its portrayal. Risen does deliver as close to the gospel as possible.

And no this movie should not be compared to trash like Darren Aronofsky's Noah. Apparently he neither had a Bible or any common- sense while making a fool of himself with that movie!

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Seriously bad french aftertaste...what was the director smoking?, 15 January 2016

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So here's a movie made to honour Charles Sobhraj since Indian directors felt they needed a break from kissing upto D & Co. While Indian commercial cinema is known to dramatically and illogically exaggerate and idolize the lead characters, this movie somehow seriously falls flat where this exaggeration in the right aspects would've helped.This movie cannot be classified as classic popcorn fare or artsy in anyway. Having a cast of Randeep Hooda, Richa Chadda and Adil Hussain alone should've carried this past its various directorial failures but it seems the buffoonery was just too overwhelming even for them. A plot not well connected, an awkward pacing of events and one terrible and I mean really terrible...french accent from Hooda.

While the movie glorifies the lead character over his prized womanizer skills, the women themselves looked like they'd have asked for more pay, a bottle of vodka and a joint to go through those scenes of romance with him!

As usual, the premise of hyping Charles' smartness surprises the expense of the Indian police on a national scale. Don't we all just love how criminals make a mockery of our police force.

Coming to the female cast....Richa Chadda brings a class of sleaze that's different. The umpteen white women ooze their fair share of cinematic stereotyped cheapness. Tisca Chopra was the only one who didn't share bedspace fantasies with the main lead it seems. What a tragedy!

This movie could've worked better cinematography and direction. But with cheesy "evil never loses" lines at the ending...not much to expect..from a movie that never really climaxes anywhere...not even when the lead is hooking drugged women.

Gripping TV series on the new testament Bible based story lines, 7 September 2015

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Wow.This series is a simply great taking over from where The Bible series left off.Just where can I start? The casting is simply superb especially those of Peter and Paul who are so prominent as well as Pilate and Caiaphas who were dominant.Jesus portrayal by Juan Pablo Di Pace was spot on.The female cast especially that of Leah (Jodhi May), Claudia (Joanne Whalley) and Herodias (Claire Cooper) were good while Greta Scacchi as Mother Mary and Chipo Chung as Mary Magdalene were disappointing. Neither of the Marys looked like they belonged in Jerusalem. Oh and not to forget brilliant performances also by Chris Brazier, Will Thorp and George Georgiou with whatever screen space they got.Angel Gabriel has very little (really little) screen time and am sure would be angry at not getting the entire screen as at Dominion. Locations and graphics are good and the series if gripping.

Some point at it's inaccurate portrayals while others say they are offended by the characters having British accents while some even get more sillier by saying they simply don't see merit since they'd have preferred israeli and Jewish actors and accents? They are better off watching shows like Lucifer, 666 Park Avenue or something even more childish like Reaper.Im sure they'll love the accents and the accuracies and the casting since they know so much. What they don't seem to understand is that here is a good series portraying early Christianity from the Bible. We're talking of a superbly done series on Christianity and God for a change from all the vague weird stuff that TV has been churning out for decades now like sci-fi, aliens, vampires, devils, hookers,robots, desperate men and women and almost everything under the sun. Heck even Hollywood's impotence was clearly revealed when they tried mocking Christianity with movies like Noah and Exodus Gods and Kings.Yes, it does have it's flaws like being politically correct by using coloured people for apostles and Mary Magdalene which is sad. So also the lose translation of the Book of Acts which did not need the inclusion of a juvenile Julius Caesar,the Ethiopian treasurer or Simon the magician to make it interesting.Lack of chaste biblical accuracy and sensationalism with fictional roman and jew story lines is the cost that you have to pay for getting even the Bible series done in Hollywood it seems.But its a lot better having a greater percent of accuracy than one unbearably inaccurate or not having a series at all.

Without a doubt Mark Burnett and Roma Downey have done a fabulous all-rounded job with this series and irrespective of TV ratings, the series after a stricter fine tuning of it's interpretations of the books of the bible can see at least 7 glorious seasons easily! Maybe the networks should come up with a better way to get truer TV ratings instead of the archaic method they are now using. This is a global series with a global audience.Measure that please!

If only the director performed as well as the animals in this movie!, 29 August 2015

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Let's break this down since it seems to be the director's forte. This movie was an attempt at greatness though not an honest one.The plot of the movie is totally lame and lost.An Indian commando searching the swamps with his elite unit to kill a tiger that killed his brother? Seriously,is the script written by some 18 yr old? And talking of commandos, can't remember another movie that has shown a bunch of clumsy, impatient, ignorant and naive jokers as Indian commandos. Casting and acting left a lot lacking.Apart from Himarsha Venkatsamy and Subrat Dutta the rest are not worth mentioning except Virendra Singh Ghuman who does some justice to the script with his role as the beefcake.Nora Fatehi is given the job of being the eye candy as the sexy bimbo commando wearing her chest out while she's hunting for tigers in deep marshy swamps.Ever heard of an Indian bimbo commando before? Well now you get to see one! Did I mention, for an Indian commando she spews lots of accented English but can hardly speak Hindi?

Kudos to the vfx team and studios for they've done a fantastic job and the animal sequences are done well and are very engaging. The locations are lovely. All in all, in the midst of a lost script made over a lame cause, the movie takes a fresh approach inclining towards preservation of wildlife especially the tigers. The best action in this movie has to be that of the animals shown and is for your free-and-bored-to-death time only. No it's not an action adventure thriller. Just watch for comic relief.

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Should've been named Avengers Age of Comedion!, 26 August 2015

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Well this movie is proof that it's not easy to keep up with worthwhile story lines and interesting characters after the first few successful releases.But that shouldn't be the ruse for Joss Whedon to make a movie where the Avengers have literally very little to do. Yet there's too much crash and thrash action.Where the villain who happens to be main central character so fearful that it could end the world and the avengers.Yet all we have is someone who brings more comic relief than the avengers themselves and whose name is put in the title of the movie. Where Hulk, Captain America, Hawkeye and Nick Fury were better off singing the soundtrack of the movie than acting in it due to almost non-existent screen presence.

What was Joss Whedon thinking when he decided to make Ulton a combination of Terminator and Transformers.And what were the extras like Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch really doing in there?At Least...and I mean really in the least they could've got a sexier Scarlet Witch so that she could serve as eye candy if nothing else. Yet they put Elizabeth Olsen?

All in all, the movie is not entertainment for everybody.And Avengers directors need to note that keeping lame cast will only get lame response. A few more attention to details and getting more things right would have made this a blockbuster given the potential of the cast and the vfx. This time however it's nowhere close to greatness.Just commercialized as usual.

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Feel sorry for the viewers, the elephant and Tony Jaa, 3 August 2015

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It seems like this was a forced excuse for a sequel of The Protector. Fight scenes look so artificial that viewers and fans of Tony Jaa will be seriously pulling their hair out watching them! None of the characters are strong enough or able to carry on they're own. There are occasional gems of fight scenes that disappear in a flash.Twenty as the sexy fighter vixen tries to bring in the eye candy since the script is actually seemingly lacking enough content to hold the eyeballs. Mum Jokmok brings about the only known face feel good effect to the movie but is sadly hardly there in it. The elephant by the way is also the other star that is rarely seen except in a few places so animal lovers can't get much from this one. The mix of two tiny sisters,a sexy fighter vixen, a black bad guy and a tired-looking hero is a total mix of senseless storytelling. Not worth the watch unless you have absolutely nothing else to opt for!

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Great popcorn fare for robot action especially Voltron fans!, 19 July 2014

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Engrossing and action-packed movie that is well worth the popcorn time!If you're sick of over-animated robot movies like the Transformer series, then this old-school styled action flick makes you leap out of your seats with the right climaxes. The attention to detail on the Jaegars makes them look larger-than-life and very aesthetic and the Kaijus are butt-ugly as ever with the stereotypical spitting-mutant horror they wreak. Sure there's no star cast and most of the movie is shot dark with almost no daytime scenes like the big franchise flicks but the realistic weaknesses of the Jaegers and the fight scenes are very entertaining.Why is Rinko Kikuchi in this?Beats me but the cute child version of her is a total heart-melter!Great acting from Idris Elba.

And yes fans of Voltron,can see this as a tribute to it with many sequences that will remind them of it! With multiple nominations and wins from the critics for Best Visual Effects need I say more? Good job Guillermo del Toro! We'd like to see ya make Voltron sometime soon!

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Predictable storyline with great visuals!, 28 March 2013

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With Channing, Dwayne,Lee, Bruce and most importantly Palicki in this one, you'd expect real fast-paced action with great visuals. On the latter, it delivers as the visuals are great and one of the best of the recent. On the prior, not so much as the storyline drags unnecessarily around the US Prez. Palicki brings in the much needed eye-candy for the hardcore action fans though only in glimpses while Channing, being the chick-magnet gets one big anxious sigh from the ladies in the first half of the movie. Dwayne does what Dwayne does - kicks ass! Cotrona, however looks like he's done this one for free as he hardly has much to do and beats me why he's even there. Snake eyes, Jinx, Zartan & Firefly entertain as characters with purpose. RZA is a big LOL.

There's muscle,hard-hitting physical combat action, sensuality, technology, star-appeal and pretty interesting automobiles. All you need if you're an action fan. Now if only they could somehow mysteriously put in an interesting and not-so-predictable storyline, then we'd have a real blockbuster hit worth your ticket money!

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An entertaining show compared to the usual, 25 January 2012

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With more focus on singing and great voices in particular, this show changes the usual multi-talent showcasing shows which have become rather too annoying to watch. As far as the favoritism and bias goes, well, there's nothing much to talk about as there's no show which comes without it on television anyways. And it happens both on-stage as well as backstage. Just watch it for the neat songs and the competition.It's yet to be seen how the second season will do. The judges reaction's especially the ones between Blake, Adam and Cee-Lo are comical. Christina Aguilera does the usual prima donna act and the pressure on her team feels like it's much higher than the rest. All the guys love their female contestants and it's pretty obvious that the women stand much better chances to qualify and win. Who doesn't love women? I'd personally have loved to see the Indian chick Sonia Rao get selected for voice and personality.Too bad she doesn't!!