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Just like red tick beer...Needs more dog., 9 February 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I will start by saying I watched this after watching the first 3 movies back to back (seventh innings fetch was stolen from from video store, but that's a whole other story). If you have watched any other Air Bud movies then you already know the basic script. If you haven't stop reading right now and go watch the first one because your life is incomplete.

Basic story line. Bad team gets great when Bud joins, he misses the final game then comes back before the end and they win, then he ends up playing with the worlds best.

What is different about this one is the main character is now Josh's sister after Josh has gone to college. She is a massive drainer the whole movie and try's to steal the movie from Air Bud. I think Bud really wanted to punch her in the face and turn this into a boxing movie but that is probably less family friendly story line.

Fist issue. At the start the bad guy's are trying to steal a gem which who even knows why that was even in Fernfield, no one ever went to see it. It just sat there in the school being guarded by an overweight security guard.

Second issue. The little kid eats approximately 20 ice creams across the 80 minute movie. So once every 4 minutes this kid is stuffing his face with more ice cream, I'm not picking on his choice of diet however not once during the whole movie does he get an ice cream headache. Massive let down there!

Third issue. I can't be exactly sure of the time but last time I checked I was 51 minutes into this movie and Bud hadn't even touched a volleyball. For a movie about a dog playing volleyball, I don't expect to wait over 3/4 of the movie to see a dog playing volleyball!

Finally the volleyball scenes were pathetic at best. They constantly looped the same shot of Bud setting the ball, followed by the tall guy jumping, followed by random person A and B diving in the sand and missing the ball. They probably could have got a few more different shots. The scoring is also all wrong the writers could have at least googled the rules of volleyball beforehand.

However in true Air Bud form you still get the same fuzzy feeling when you see him running in wearing the team colours for the first time and how excited he looks after winning a point. You can't help but still get excited watching him play sport.