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The Island (2005)
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A Good Product !!, 1 August 2005

The island is definitely one of the best sci-fi picture to come out in the last 2-3 years. Michael Bay outdoes himself and presents a story that has an interesting mix of action, thrills and suspense. certainly better than his previous films.Too bad it has not got a good opening, but trust me it deserves to be right up there with the best. i really enjoyed the intensity of the film and do not want to give too much away. performances were neat and action was fantastic. The trailers did give too much away but i think there is still a lot of story in the film and also lot of crictical questions raised . Its a spectacle meant to be enjoyed on the big screen . 8 out of 10 watch it !!

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My Dad Was Right !!, 11 February 2005

Iam a big action move fan and have seen mostly all the best and worst Hollywood action films ever.But for some reason i still don't know why i kept ignoring this movie for years in spite of hearing so many good things about. sure, i like Mel Gibson, I've seen all the lethal weapon movies.My dad always told me that the first 2 mad max movies are great but i kept ignoring these movies and man i was SO wrong.This weekend i had nothing great to rent and i rented the first 2 mad max films and yes i was blown away. These movies are light years ahead of all the modern action movies, the camera work the setting sound effects ,editing everything is just superb. mad max 2 is a legendary action film for me and I am going to add this to my collection.It's not filled up with unnecessary action but when it starts it blows u away. Mel Gibson was great . Now I am interested in watching all George miller movies , i don't know how many else he has made. If u r looking for a great action movie, pick this one. U will love it.

8 on 10.

Elaan (2005)
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One of the best Indian action films !!, 24 January 2005

I just saw this movie on weekend and loved every bit of it !! i don't know whether its going to be a hit commercially but it was fun action packed ride. very few Indian films match upto the technical quality shown in this film, it is heavily inspired by classics like shaan and sholay but the subject of catching a terrorist is treated differently and effectively, critics said the film lacks in content but it was never meant to be a dramatic fare. it lives upto the best in the genre of action thrillers. after "dhoom" this is the best Indian action film. performances were good and good to see mithun back on the big screen after a long time. if u like action movies you will love this one.

8 out of 10.

Collateral (2004)
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Great Performances, 1 January 2005

This is one of those movies where you can see the case of perfect casting !! i mean tom cruise and Jammie fox kicked ass in this one !! really good thriller !! wonderfully done by Mann. only one complaint though !! i wanted the bad guy to win in this one !! Vincent should have killed max !! it would have been the biggest hit of 2004 !! tom cruise outdoes himself in this one !1 i have never seen him better. deserves an Oscar nomination for this one. Jammie Fox, dude i despise him in bait but i think i was wrong because this guy played the cab driver to the T.All in all a well crafted thriller that should have been much better. 7 out of 10. seen it twice already.

Armageddon (1998)
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Whats wrong with u people??, 5 December 2004

Whats wrong with people at IMDb. everyone seems to be running it down !! i saw it today for the first time and i think its awesome !! never mind the plot or cheesy acting i think its highly entertaining spectacle best enjoyed on big screen !! as far technology is concerned this is 21st century filmaking from michael bay !1 better than pearl harbor !! the editing is so fast it leaves u breathless !! i cant remember when was the last time i was on the edge of my seat like i was in this one !! i really liked it !! i don't about others!1 but i like michael bay !! if it was not for him we wont see such big bang movies !!!

8 out of 10 !! don't expect gr8 acting , just blind special effects laden fun ride !!