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My favorite horror films out of all the ones I have seen. Still under construction. List will be ordered from favorite to least favorite when it is complete.
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A list of all the Horror Films I can recall watching. This list won't be up-to-date for a while as I will be adding movies Ive already seen as I come across them on IMDb. In no particular order.
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Found Footage, Mockumentary, and POV films. In no particular order. Still under construction.
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Movies I Watched in 2013
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Satanic, Demonic, Black Magick and Cult themed films. Still under construction. Comment with feedback or suggestions.
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My favorite horror films from any country outside of the United States. In no particular order.
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Films that I forgot to recommend to you or watch with you until we started working on our own film today. We briefly discussed several of them. They are all gems, and great examples of good filmmaking. They are all horror, and they each are from a different country. Listed below each title is its country of origin and a link to watch it online.
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An eclectic mix of all the shows I have particularly enjoyed. Feel free to comment with suggestions or feedback. In no particular order!
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**Descriptions included for all**

List of Angela Bettis films from best to worst based on my opinion. If its not on the list, I just havent watched it yet, but will continue to update this as I watch more of her films.

~Any movie in which she's credited (and Ive seen the film) qualifies for this list~