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A brothers story of growth and family relationship., 26 November 2009

This peculiar little subtitled tale presents an early performance by a now increasingly popular Irish actor, Robert Sheehan (born 1988).It takes us on a young life journey to mid teens and the relationship between two brothers. The ending will come as a surprise! The acting throughout is good and Mr. Sheehan gives his usual 'animated' facial reactions to the various situations that develop. Toned down by the drama is his usually more exuberant voice which has the common actors error of sounding like someone reciting memorized lines rather than a 'natural' flow. On the production side the modern tendency to under-light a scene is mostly absent. This little short story film could be expanded to a feature given the amount of drama in it.

Sadly Useless, 28 July 2004

This film was extremely hard to understand [and this from a person who read and loved Mr. Clancy's book!]. The silliest part was to have a very young man as Jack Ryan who somehow was boosted from obscurity to international peace talks! Stick to the book plot more closely next time, lads! Another Jack Ryan, CIA super agent, outing with Harrison Ford - Clear and present Danger - held more closely to the book plot and was enjoyable to watch. Sadly Mr. Clancy has now embarked on military heroes true lives so we await with fascination his next novel that will bring us to the world of today and the terrorism issues. It does put rather a dent in his super hero Jack Ryan who ran a CIA and even country that could do no wrong and always wins.