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fresh with fun, 20 July 2013

Man of steel is a fresh take on superman.It doesn't just show superman flying and lifting things up.3-d is a optional choice for people who got a headache watching films like transformers and the hobbit. Henry Cavill's acting is the "best than the rest". It has typical Snyder effects with the zooming and all that stuff.The story has been significantly changed and Russell Crowe has a good amount of time on the big screen. Good origin story and 'wow' scenes add up to plenty of awesome things about the film.

THINGS I REJECT: Only one thing bothers me,if they wanted a dark film either make it like the dark knight or just don't.They just could not decide.

Still it's a watch in theater from me or be the first one to by it in blue-ray

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gigantic fun for the family, 18 July 2013

I am not a fan of Del Toro so didn't go so crazy when it came out,but when I saw it I was speechless.The fight seen at the end of the film was the best than the rest.I literally stood up and clapped at the end.It's also has comedy blended in with a smart story line added with awesome 3-D.Seriously,who cannot like this robot vs monsters idea.Non-Del Toro fans,you need to see this whenever you have time.The acting is well,good.

Now coming to the cons(things I reject).First off,it's lengthy and a bit cheesy,also It's awfully stretched(If you know what I mean).

ROUNDING UP:All films have their weaknesses and strengths so don't take the cons by heart.The good thing is that it has more strengths.So at the end it's BIG FUN FOR NON-DEL TORO FANS and GIGANTIC FUN FOR FANS.

see it in the nearest theater in 3-d

ParaNorman (2012)
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movie review, 16 September 2012

A great movie, though little out off normal line of movies. Shows unusual background with many bumps on the story line.The graphics were great for a stop-motion film, The voice acting was good and it had a great twist. It was funny, adventurous and had a little emotional touch even the 3D graphics are enjoyable. The director goes strong after his critically acclaimed Coraline. The zombies were funny and it's one of the best animated films, it has a very good character development with ghosts flying in the house doing their unfinished work.Norman the kid is really PARANORMAL and strange. Overall it's easily a must watch from my side. I am looking forward to it's sequel

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A thrilling and exciting film, 5 September 2012

well nice acting,nice effects,good changes, yes I tell you that you must see the film. The ending's weak but still it's a nice film. Their where many things which have changed and really it's THE UNTOLD STORY. I want to see it's sequels but they're in 2014 and 2016, the credits end is good in which the MAN IN SHADOWS appears.. The costume of spider man is better and the fights are good. The fastest reboot makes a delightful smile in my face, and was worth a watch. The adults will also enjoy the film, plus this movie is really batter than spider-man 3 and the others. They even put characters from many countries to get the fullest advantage.A little plain at first, but it's a good movie in which you can comfortably sit and enjoy the funny parts.A really'AMAZING' film.

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AS expected, 4 July 2012

The movie is certainly marvel's best till now and has great effects. Though little childish at times it is very good. As I expected it was one of the best films with descent, comedy parts. The acting was above average and the dialogues were really mind-boggling. It was a bit lengthy but was touching every single minute. The story was very good and the superhero's were described nicely. Bruce Banner very polite when he was not Hulk, Captain America very serious and all that. It was defiantly worth watching and is one of the best superhero films. I am looking ford for the Avengers 2 and I am searching the whole internet for a little glimpse of it.