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Of course judge for yourself, but I feel this 3-page list of movies represents a wide array of quality and truly collectible works in their respective genres. Naturally, there exists a certain bias with any collection -- accounting for personal connections to a film's story, or one's age, generation, gender, background or personal interests and more, but I feel nearly anyone will find this a useful watchlist for themselves when looking for a wide mix of entertaining, well-made films to watch, as defined by: excellently filmed (cinematography), attention-to-detail directing or production talents and sets and locations, etc.. or rich and in-depth writing (the heart of most successful works), perhaps brilliantly acted, or just simply original and/or stand-alone unique. I think you'll end up loving most of these movies.

The list begins with a few all-time personal favorites, in somewhat order, but then becomes completely random the further down the list and ending with dozens of movies that I find a stretch to even consider "collectible" but I happen to own because they were "good enough" combined "cheap enough" to buy.

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