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classics from past to present i must see over other new borry, of which i have a copy of... this is my quick pick list of high priority films that i must see... most are old but that's because i'd prefer to see masterpieces i've read up on over other fresh borry, that may have a lot of appeal or hype, nut ultimately could be fodder... so this is the filter, this is the list that will go above all other lists for films i need to see at the nearest point in time...
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the key titles im chasing that ive looked up and am keen to find or possibly dont have any leads as to where i can get it from...
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films i wanna check out on the big screen or released in recent years im still keen on checking out on dvd / blu ray / digitally
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i had to make this list as there's so many times where i look up films i love but haven't watched them in years, or have only watched them once & require a re-watch...

this list includes films i give a 7 or an 8 to and know are amazing but need to re-watch... there's a stack of films here that rate 9 (or what i call an unconfirmed 10) or consider a minor masterpiece, but quite certain with a re-watch will go up to 10 and inclusion into my "masterpiece collection" list -

at the end of the day this list is to confirm these films are genius... some may go down in rating as well but still be great films... i will regularly update this list, adding and removing titles, so come back 4a visit 8]
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all films that i have a digital copy of
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this list is like my top 250, however not exactly cause my top 250 list would require a lot of time & thought to compile... purely a list of 10/10s or 9/10s that i consider masterpieces... the 9's are pretty much "unconfirmed 10s" and will most likely go to 10 upon next viewing, esp since i already consider them masterpieces and resonate with me strongly...

the list is also unsorted... if i was to sort in chronological order, which i do with most of my lists if possible, it would also take a very long time, like my top 250 list... it's hard to order genius from genius... however i have listed my #1 film of all time as the first film listed, cause that's a definite :)

included is only feature films... no tv series or shorts, of which ill make separate lists. each title is rated in the description field, either 9 or 10s only. tv movies are accepted.

anyway hope u love these films as much as i do... and if u havent watched any of the titles listed, they should be your highest priority over food and air... THIS IS THE REAL *beep*
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my collection of Blu Ray discs... so far i dont have a blu ray player but have to grab bargains while working xmas casual at JB Hifi... grabbing a ps3 eventually, for movies and games of course :p

aiming to buy classics that will look / sound superior in blu ray over dvd... some i alrdy own on dvd but will slowly transfer my fave films to blu ray... esp editions with excellent special features
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here's a list of criterions i've either had my eye on for sometime or have recently seen and want to get the criterion edition of the film... this is also a great reference point for friends wondering what to buy me when my bday comes around :)
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over time i will plough through this list of tv shows that have either come highly recommended, i've read up on, have watched fragments, have started to watch but stopped or currently watching... will add to it over time, but the idea is the list will disappear... well hopefully :)
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films i'm interested in checking out at MIFF 2015. ill make an separate list of the films i lock in during the festival
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films i saw at MIFF 2015
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titles i own on DVD
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Here is possibly my fave list of DVD's that I own - the Criterion Collection... this series delivers the highest quality transfers from the best quality negatives, plus post audio and video cleanup, sometimes new digital soundtracks and picture restoration is used... then you have the best special features normally available for a particular title - behind the scenes, commentry with director / cast, other short films and related material... all this quite often approved by the director themselves... and normally an essay or multiple essays in the booklet, along with production stills, etc... all packaged in the top shelf Criterion design / cover, this makes for watching one of your favourite films a special experience...

Below is the list of Criterions I currently own. I will slowly be starting to get the Blu Ray editions, even tho i currently dont have a BR player, i do intend to in the near future... plus the price isnt that different between the formats.

I also have a list of Criterions that I want to own, so have a look through that before recommending any particular titles you think i might dig.

Enjoy my premium collection of films!
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a list of films and tv shows i simply cant stand... these titles are the total opposite of my masterpiece list - i could spend as much time ranting on about these poor excuses for productions than i can my faves of all time... there's many films that i refuse to watch that would appear on this list from my most hated directors (Roland Emmerich, Michael Bay)

all titles listed i rate 1/10 and if i could would get no stars but imdb doesnt allow a 0 rating... the list is in no particular order

maybe it's just me getting older that my ratings are getting more skewed to love / hate... but these titles also reflect what i like in a film or tv show, by displaying genres and themes i dont connect with

i could expand on each title like i have in "Masterpiece Collection" list but ill let the titles speak for themselves, to avoid seeming like a negative *beep* cause overall im not... tho im quite jaded with the state of the industry nowadays... well here they are - comments / debate / approvals / rebuttals welcome :)
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films that impressed released in 2014 in australia theatrically or at film festivals
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titles i havent seen released in 2013 that i have a copy of, some were not released theatrically in australia
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who i have leant dvd's off
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playing at Cannes in 2014... of which i hope to see many at my first trip there! i have a film showing directed by Amir Rezeai called "Never Ending, Ever Changing" which i was DOP on... it's a dream come true go to Cannes during my birthday (May 24), let alone have a film playing there which i was involved with...

the list of films is incredible
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here's my list of films i'm interested which played at miff in 2014... in chronological order from the top with my festival highlights down to the not so great ones... this year i only saw 4 films at miff due to minimal coin, so the rest i watched at home from d/l's. all films viewed are rated, films marked with "d/l" are films i watched at home, films with the screening date / time are the films i saw at miff & films with no rating and just "d/l" are ones i have downloaded & banked for future viewing. even tho the festival has finished, i hope to keep watching most of the films i've d/l'ed in the near future & update this list with ratings. the rest i will chase down at the cinema or on dvd / blu ray upon release
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films that were released in australia in 2013 or i saw at miff that year... in chronological order
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titles i havent seen released in 2013 that i dont have a copy of, some were not released theatrically in australia
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this list comprises of the top films i saw in melburn / australia, either at the cinema (limited run or full release), on dvd or digitally, all released in 2012 locally, plus some films that played at MIFF...

all these films i would highly recommend and come with a minimum rating of 8/10, of which is a very high score for me... anything 9 or higher i consider to be excellent and/or a masterpiece... comments added for each title based on my feelings & what ive read up on the film

films are listed in chronological order, from fave to least fave
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this list is compiled from films ive wanted to see that were released in australia in 2012. feel free to add any suggestions, but be sure to check my current fave films of 2012 list first -
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films i have a DVD burnt copy
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Here's a list of bits im selling, many due to blu ray upgrage or just down sizing collection. All items are in pristine condition as i look after my movies like treasure...

DVD edition details & AUD prices in the desrciption field. pm me or email payable via paypal or bank transfer
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films that have grabbed my attention that i may lock in at MIFF this year