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The Woman (2011/I)
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Slow, 22 January 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I found this this movie sooooo slow.a man goes hunting and finds a wild woman in the forest he decides he wants to bring her home by force and educate her to be a normal human being more like have sex on tap.him and his son are both woman haters the mum is a quite Badly treat wife who just goes along with whatever her husband says because if she doesn't he beats her up. The daughter is a strange child who u get to find out that she's pregnant who the farther to the child is u never really find out but I think it may have been her farthers child coz he seems sick anoth to do such a thing.if this move doesn't already seem strange and sick he has a woman that he's been keeping in the dog house that u don't even get to no about till near the end which I found so random that she wasn't even brought Into the storyline earlier. But definitely the most confusing for me is when they all follow the woman into the wild why.

Strange, 22 January 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I don't get how they can release a trailer that isn't the same as the movie. There was so much missing that's just false advertising. I was so disappointed in this film I felt that after watching it I was no further forward in understanding what happened with these to girls and why it had followed them into adult hood there was a burnt photo in the first movie but no fire. the fact that this movie turns into a cult sort of witch movie I don't get this there was nothing of this in the other 2 movies. There is supposed to be a paranormal activity 4 maybe this will have some info that will help with all the holes that were left in this movie you never no the trailer they used for paranormal activity 3 could end up being paranormal activity 4 lol.