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Here is to hoping they turn out good (not that it matters as they keep cancelling good shows shows & replacing them with crap, most of the time)...If i remember correctly, the last two on the list where dropped (never know, they might be picked up again)...also there where are a few missing from the site so they are not on my list (I wont be adding them to the site, can't bother to), few of them are: Eyes of the Dragon (Syfy), Booster Gold (Syfy)...too bad shows like Locke & Key and 17th Precinct didn't get a chance, anyways, I'm gonna stop there...Will Upd8 list every now & then (when I can b bothers).
Note: some titles in the list may say "TV Movie", its the only ones I could find so i am guessing some people just does not know the dif when posting.

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there are a few shows in this list that in fact did get cancelled but however had a chance to actually end properly e.g. Dollhouse n a few others.
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all I'm gonna say is they don't make toons like they used to, the percentage on whats good these days are really low, def no more than 10%...that's why I'm mainly about anime now.
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