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A list of actors that at the very least warrant a snapshot on their IMDb profiles.
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15 fabulous Twilight Zone episodes
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Here's a list of the lesser-known and possibly unappreciated actors that have lit up the big screen and teased a smile out of the most discerning of viewer.
Be it through talent and charisma...or simply amusing us with astonishingly poor acting.

Essentially, actors that are more deserving of the recognition that is/was currently afforded them.
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Let's have 'em on Region 2!

NTSC dvds not yet viewable in Europe...
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A list of of the worlds most celebrated Actors who were born in 1940 and sadly kicked the bucket in 1989...
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A select topping of cinematic goodness, that only needs 15mins in the oven.

20 mouth-watering flavours in no particular order:
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Not "Enter The Dragon" or any modern Jackie Chan/Jet Li films etc...