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More trashy surreal fun from John Waters!, 30 July 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Desperate Living" is about as disgusting as "Pink Flamingos" and at times worse. Mink Stole plays Peggy Gravel, a paranoid schizo housewife. Her and her maid Grizelda, who's a 400 lb. black woman, kill Peggy's husband. They flee in guilt and are stopped by a cop with an underwear fetish before driving to Mortville. Mortville is a town made up of all garbage. The evil queen Carlotta (Edith Masey) presides over the town in a fascist manner, her guards are forced to fulfill her bizarre sexual needs. The queen disowns her daughter princess Coo-Coo for wanting to marry Herbert, a nudist garbage man. We are treated to strange bright colored costumes and trash art galore. Delirious Peggy continues to bicker. Her and Grizela reside in an trashy apartment with a lesbian couple. The mean butchy Moe, longs to be a man and her lover Muffy is the the pretty one; blond and big breasted. In the films most hilarious and morbid flashback, we learn how Muffy had to flee to Mortville as a criminal. She gets upset at her stoned babysitter; not only for having a party while while she was away, but for leaving her baby in the refrigerator. She shoves the babysitter's face in dog food and screams "Eat dog food Bitch! Try and stick my baby in the refrigerator!" The sitter ends up suffocating in the dog food. Then Muffy kills her alcoholic husband, when his head gets caught in the car window. Although "Desperate Living" is missing drag actor Devine, it still is disgusting, depraved and hilarious as ever. With raunchy sex, nudity, perverse humor and low budget gore; it's in a town of its own.

Hugo Pool (1997)
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More fun than an indoor swimming pool!, 29 July 2005

In "Hugo Pool" the adorable Alyssa Milano plays Hugo Dugay. A young diabetic pool cleaner who has to clean over forty pools in one day. She has some of the most eccentric David Lynch like customers, including a man (Patrick Dempsy) in a wheel chair who can only talk by a computer. Because of his kindness she can't help but fall head first, not in a pool but in love. Hugo also tries to help her crazy parents. Her father (Malcom Mcdowell) is a recovering junkie who shoots up drugs in a puppet. He calls the drug "Ring-Dang-Doo". Her mother is a compulsive gambler and owes someone money. Hugo is so kind, she even loans her mother money. "Hugo Pool" is a bizarre, colorful tragic comedy. Filled with bright blue and yellow colors throughout, it has a whacked out sense of humor that only Robert Downey Sr. could create. No wonder why his son is so crazy!

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The most breathtaking major studio film I have ever witnessed!, 28 July 2005

It's been said that director Oliver Stone was experimenting with mushrooms when thinking of ideas for "Natural Born Killers" I think Oliver Stone should do more mushrooms and do another 20 films like this one. NBK is simply amazing. It fuses together elements of dark comedy, satire, 70's style Psychedelic imagery, and a little Roger Cormen like exploitation. Many complain that Tarrentino's script was ruined by Stone. I disagree, Stone has created a disturbing, surreal masterpiece of uneasy laughter and shocks. The story is a satire on the media's obsession with serial killers. Micky and Mallory Knox are a crazy couple who drive across America killing various people. The performances by Woody Harrolson and Juliet Lewis are excellent. Their characters were abused as children and well it... screwed them up! They kill for kicks, but most of their victims are very unlikable people. The couple become celebrities and people cheer for them like they would for a Hollywood couple. The media basically helps to sell their image for ratings and profit. What I like is that the film shows that police and authority can sometimes be worse than killers. This is evident with Sgt. Scagnetti (Tom Sizemore) and the redneck prison warden (Tommy Lee Jones). And you can't forget annoying media whore Wayne Gayle (Robert Downey Jr.), who joins in the killing during the prison riot. "Natural Born Killers" is blood filled, violent and chaotic. Many critics didn't get it. Too Bad, because it's actually pretty funny in it's mockery of media and institutional hypocrisy. Because of its satire, this is probably one of the most risky Hollywood films ever made. Do watch, and make sure it's the director's cut!

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An insane cyberpunk masterpiece!!!, 28 July 2005

"Tetsuo: the Iron Man" is utter chaos. Shinya Tsukamoto has created a strange world of metal fetishists and human decay. To make it all the more insane, it's filmed at the pace of a speed adrenaline rush. An office worker slowly transforms into a mutated metal creature after cutting himself shaving. Wires, drills, cables and steel burst from his face and body. And who can forget the giant metal drill penis? The office worker faces off with a villain who has a metal fetish. The villain enjoys sticking metal objects in himself. The film turns into a battle to the finish between the two men. "Tetsuo" has to be one of the strangest films ever made. Stranger than both "Eraserhead" and "Begotten". It's fast pace style can be later seen in films like PI. Thank God, this film is in black and white; it's extremely graphic!

Eraserhead (1977)
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In heaven everything is fine !!!, 28 July 2005

David Lych's "Eraserhead" is a strange, surreal and nightmarish masterpiece. The monster baby is sooo creepy and disturbing, that it makes the viewing experience difficult. Until this day Lynch will never tell how the baby was created for the film. The story concerns Henry Spencer (Jack Nance), a clergyman with a fro like hairstyle. He seems to be stuck in a bleak and dark environment of abandoned buildings and decayed streets. Henry enjoys a strange dinner gathering with his girlfriend Mary and her family. Well sort of, until the roasted chicken on the dinner plate comes to life. Then he finds out that Mary was pregnant and had a premature baby. O.K babies aren't too bad. But this is no typical baby. It's a hideous, crying, screeching embryo, penis type creature covered in bandages. Freaky!!! And of course who could forget the singing girl in the radiator. She sort of represents a peace of mind state. "Eraserhead is full of strange images and was made when David Lynch was living in a slum section of Philly as an unplanned father. So the film seems to be symbolic for the fear of parenting. Watch "Eraserhead" with caution, because it will haunt you forever!

Liquid Sky (1982)
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Crazy Psychedelic 80's Feminist Sci-Fi weirdness!, 25 July 2005

In the film "Liquid Sky", aliens come to earth in search of heroin. Their saucer lands on top of a drug dealer's apartment. The aliens discover that the human orgasm is just as powerful as heroin. Evertime actress Anne Carlisle's character has sex, her partners mysteriously disappear. The screen turns all neon and psychedelic when the aliens get each victim. Then there is a crazy German scientist who is researching UFO's, who is interested in what's been happening. Anne Carlisle also plays a dual role as a nasty male model drug addict. "Liquid Sky" is very vulgar, psychedelic and surreal. Not to mention, the horrific acting makes it hilarious. It may very well be one of the strangest drug cult films of the 80's. It is also extremely colorful, weird and a must watch guilty pleasure. So ignore the awful music in the beginning and enjoy the rest of the film.

Head (1968)
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Trippy, Psycadelic , Plot less Fun, Man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, 25 July 2005

In "Head" the Monkees make fun of themselves and mass marketing. Althoug plot less the film is a powerful statement about war, fame and the music industry. The film was written by Jack Nicholson and directed by Bob Rafelson, who later went on to direct "Five Easy Pieces". Not only do you get to see live performances by the Monkees, but your treated to short sketches, psychedelic freak-outs, surreal images and lots of laughs. I love the part where they play dandruff in someone's hair, and get sucked up by a giant vacuum cleaner. OK so it's hard to describe. But believe me if you like plot less, funny and surreal 60's flicks, than why not treat yourself to some "Head"?

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A Folked up masterpiece! Like "the Village" seen through the eyes of Kusturica, Paradjanov and Jodorowsky!, 25 July 2005

"An Ambiguous Report about the end of the World" is a bizarre end of the world fairy tale. It was two years in the making for director Juraj Jakubisko. The story is based on the prophesies of Nostradomus, that's why it takes place in a non existent time. At first I though I was watching a time piece film, but later you see a motorcycle, helicopters and men in contamination suits. Some of the costumes of the film are strange looking, especially if your not familiar with European culture. There is Czech folk outfits, men with feather hats and other strange gypsy like clothes. Don't let the outfits distract you, because the film is simply amazing. The beginning is disturbing as the village is massacred by wolves after a wedding. Even a baby and children fall victim. The musical score was so powerful, that this scene haunted me long after it was over.

In the attack, a man named Goran saves a baby, Verona the mother promises him the daughters hand in marriage when she gets older. Then the movie goes ten years into the future. A circus comes to town and becomes a slight disruption for the village. There's a crazy cast of Felliniesque circus freaks. There's an 8 foot tall lady, a midget and even a monkey. The film even includes a kiss between the the midget and monkey. Weird huh? Finally the film goes further in the future by ten years, but the environment looks the same. Goran finally marries the girl, because she is now twenty. But Goran still has feelings for the girls mother. So the situation turns into a folk gypsy Jerry Springer style drama, except without the trailer court. An Ambiguous Report.... is original and unlike anything you have ever seen. Gorgeous cinematography, heartfelt performances, haunting images and an amazing musical score by Jan Jirasek. Director Juraj Jakubisko won many well deserved awards, including 4 Czech Lions. I enjoy eastern European directors because they put there heart and soul into all their work. A very Ambiguous report, I must say!

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A crazy surrealist farce as only Bunuel could bring you., 25 July 2005

"The Phantom of Liberty" is one of my favorite Bunuel films. It's more similar to "L Age D Or" than any of his later work. The film doesn't have any particular story, but several. Every story is hilarious as it satirizes bourgeois institutions. One incident has a stranger going up to little girls at a park and showing them pictures. Bunuel makes it appear that the pictures are dirty, as the man tells the girls, "not to show there parents". Later we find out the pictures are of monuments and vacation photos, nothing perverse. There's also a dinner party where guests sit on toilets around the table. And who could forget the man at the hotel into kinky S&M? The boy who has relations with his mother? And the Monks in a couple rooms over? This is all at the same hotel, too. Later a girl is reported missing, but she is right with the police man at the station. He says, "Have you seen this girl"? They still file a report and don't even realize she's right in front of them. I think the funniest part of the movie is the sniper. He literally shoots people for no reason while there doing everyday activities. "The Phantom of Liberty" is a masterpiece of not only surrealism, but of comedy too.

Persona (1966)
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Persona gives me all the reasons to love art-house films! It will leave you awestruck!, 24 July 2005

Long before "Muholland Drive" there was another masterpiece that left viewers confused and awestruck. It also dealt with two beautiful women. "Persona" is a film that kept me glued to the screen. It has to be Ingmar Bergman's best film. I'm not just saying that because every critic has said that since the mid sixties. I'm saying that because it is a surreal mind puzzle that made me dive into my subconscious. "Persona" is filmed in gorgeous black and white and at an 85 minute running time it never wears out it's welcome. The montage in the beginning is sooooooooo bizarre, don't sit to close to the screen you might hallucinate. The story concerns Alma (Bibi Anderson), a nurse who is taking care of Elizabeth, played mysteriously by the sexy Liv Ullman. Elisabeth refuses to speak, she stopped talking in the middle of a play. For some reason Alma feels very comfortable around her and starts to tell her personal things. She even moves in with Elisabeth to help out. Alma explicitly talks about a sexual escapade that her and her friend experienced on the beach. The scene shows nothing sexual, but the vivid language and sexy Swedish dialog turns this moment into one of the hottest most arousing scenes in cinema history. (something almost popped up for me... spring-boing!!!) Elisabeth still remains silent. There characters eventually merge as one person. Alma also finds out that Elisabeth has betrayed her when she reads a letter she wrote telling a friend about her personal intimate secrets. Oh no! This is when the film turns into a crazed decent into madness as only Bergman could bring you. He even films one scene twice but at a different angle. Now if only Bergman was more optimistic; poor guy. All kidding aside, Persona is an amazing experience that breaks the fourth wall between film and reality. Images are only representational of life, Bergman shows viewers this as the camera runs out of film. This is just my interpretation. Oh heck, I think I'll have two watch this a couple more times, and not just for the explicit conversation about Alma's orgasms. I think both "Persona" and "Muholland Drive" would make a great double feature. I don't think there is any film that is like "Persona". In fact there probably never will be. This ones a must see.

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