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So awful it must have been funded by Jeb Bush himself, 4 February 2004

Today I read that Joe Lieberman has withdrawn from the US Presidential Elections. I was heartened to read this, as it will no doubt have wiped the smug smile off the face of Aviva Kempner, the director of this excruciatingly awful short film. It is so toe-curlingly bad you would think it had been commissioned by the Florida Republicans themselves, to smear all Democrat voters as half-wit burbling buffoons. Imagine an episode of the Golden Girls, without any gags and a jaw-droppingly infantile political message, as a gaggle of Jewish pensioners find their efforts to vote for "Joey" Lieberman as vice-president in 2000 thwarted by Bush's dirty tricks. Quite apart from the absurd notion that Lieberman in any sense represented a progressive choice, the dialogue appears to have been written by a dyslexic 6-year old and the acting is so wooden it makes you pine for Ronald Reagan. By the end of the film I was cheering for Dubya, Jeb and the rest of the Bush clan. Avoid this puerile piece of nonsense like the plague!