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A timeless action & adventure flick with a fantastic story, directing and cinematography (for that time), 14 December 2014

Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) is a memorable action/adventure that is still a hit, almost 25-years later than when it came to our lives. The plot is a competitive quest for the Ark of the Covenant, a real, religious artifact that Indiana Jones endeavors to find. While in competition with Nazi Germany, at that time (late 1930's), Jones goal is to find it, and place it with his friend, a keeper of the local museum. The Nazi's, under rule of Adolf Hitler have their own plans for the Ark – one's that could put the whole world at risk. Yet, with the Nazi's against him, and in pursuit, with many more resources than he has, Indiana Jones has to improvise a lot. A reluctant partnership with his former love, Marion, takes the character development to a new level, as Indy, who is used to watching his own back is forced back into a protector of another – Marion. As Indy later realizes, it's not just his fate that he is protecting/preserving, or even that of Marion, but in fact the whole world.

Indiana Jones, the main character in Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) engages the audience in both action and adventure, with tempered violence (in comparison to what's seen today). While serving as a Professor of Archaeology at a university, with many admirers, and in demand, he takes time to explore his passion in searching for truth, evidence, and ancient artifacts that he donates to museum. His journey is often perilous, as evidenced by the opening scene in this movie, and throughout. Indy (Indiana) doesn't back away from a challenge, despite the dangerous obstacles he will likely face.

The theme for this movie (as personally interpreted) is to seek truth, while preserving the past and shaping the future. As Indy (Indiana) is considered a hero in this movie, relating this film to a character such as Superman, may sound extreme, but also appropriate. While both movies have a primary protagonist that is perceived as a hero, but under guise, they also have vulnerabilities which they work hard to hide from those that seek to harm them.

Through a linear series of events enhanced through music, this film follows a suspenseful, surprising, and rhythmic pattern, with twists and turns that keeps people in their seats. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) is a timeless film that engages in both action and adventure, without all the blood and gore that are commonly found in more current films. Instead, less advanced techniques were used.

Lighting and angles used in this film were used especially well, considering the limited technology of that time. The deliberate use of lighting techniques are most important and noticeable in indoor scenes, including the cave (at the beginning), the well of souls, and at the make-shift arena on a desolate island, at the end. Camera angles were also well used, putting the audience in both the position of close observer of events, and then into the action. Even with less modern techniques, one is sure to experience the effect of their usage. These and other varieties of techniques used in the film served to connect the audience to the story, as well as the characters. This reinforced the theme, both directly and indirectly.

Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) came to life, based on a serial (sort of a comic book), in the 1930's and 40's. Through collaboration of E.T. – the Extraterrestrial director, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas (Star Wars), along with some others, it was made into a movie. This began the adventure series, with the primary character as Indiana Jones.

This Is 40 (2012)
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A Quirkly, Extremely Humorous Flick for those in the age group, 2 March 2013

Honestly, I haven't laughed so hard in a long time, and I am a skeptical pragmatic 39.99 year old guy (I turn 40 next month). This film was worth my investment of time and money.

While a little long, it didn't seem to matter, as I was laughing almost all the way through. I left feeling good, although I can respect the "depressed feeling" that some other reviewers have felt. One is in control of their life, and can has the power to change it, regardless of age.

Although I am not married, I am in a LONG term relationship. I also study human behavior and psychology, which made this all the more interesting. It really is how some people are.

I'll give into others who say there is no, or a limited plot, although life really doesn't have an exact plot to it. Improvisation is generally necessary.

This film spoke to me (in some ways), while bothering be in others - due to some more explicit details I really would rather not know about. :)Yet, I saw it as a glimpse into life (which mine could easily mirror) and came out of it with a smile. For me, it was worth it, in every way. It might have not been perfect, but I was watching it for it's entertainment value. That - it had in spades.

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A Pleasant Surprise with Wonderful Performance, 20 January 2013

This movie is a truly engaging, cinematic achievement, which will remain in hearts and minds for some time. The familiar lead characters: Hugh Jackman, Russel Crowe, and Anne Hathaway do a phenomenal job in their varied roles, providing a surprising and stimulating performance. An integration of various whimsical/funny elements are introduced, while offset and led by the dramatic.

While this movie IS a musical throughout, which should be known and understood to a prospective viewer, the singing becomes second to the story, which is triumphant in its portrayal.

For those who can can immerse themselves into the story, and not get distracted by the musical elements, they should find themselves caught off guard, inspired, and lifted up by this really wonderful production. It was certainly worth the time spend in viewing it and in the money paid to share in this grand experience. Based on its category, and up front understanding of Les Miserables, the whole of this movie is well deserving of its high ratings. I give it 10/10. To me, worthy score, leaving my nit-picking of small details off to the side, as they do not detract from the whole of it.

Life of Pi (2012)
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Profound, amazing, wonderful!, 19 January 2013

Life of Pi is one of the few visually stunning depictions from the entertainment industry that may just move you. If you are one with faith/a faith, it will center and inspire you, leading you to introspect on the attainable possibilities for one's own life. If you do not have a faith, or do not believe in a higher power and grand design, well - this movie may make you just stop and reconsider to expand your views. It doesn't preach to you directly, but there are hidden messages which you will pick up on, if you are interested in enlightenment and understanding.

This movie, and the compelling characters in it almost reach off the screen, even without a 3D format.

While one with age and life experience develops a shell of pragmatism, over time, something like Life of Pi has to potential to give you some release and hope. While the flair of Hollywood producers, cinematographers, etc. are added, you come away with a feeling that it was worth your your time and monetary investment. While I could nick-pick some small parts, it is worthy of the 10/10 that I choose to give it.

Prometheus (2012/I)
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Completed nonsense - a major disappointment, 12 September 2012

I was quite looking forward to seeing this movie. I am a huge fan of science fiction and have been for almost 30-years. The previews really had me sold. Wow - can I just say that I must myself have been in another dimension in thinking this would be good. There were moments that I thought I had just about had enough nonsense and was ready to walk away. But, for some reason, I thought there might be a major turn of events that I didn't want to miss. That never happened.

The story line created no suspense, thrill, or intrigue. Knowing later that is is based off of the "Aliens" movies, I can say that it really didn't fit.

The only thing I liked was the design and tech of the ship (Prometheus). the cinematography was also quite engaging. However, I wasn't watching this movie just to see all the cool designs and effects. I hoped to discover a point to this movie, and perhaps find myself hoping to continue the journey, with a part 2, but the journey ended for me as soon as the credits rolled. Oh well... Live and learn.

"Merlin" (2008)
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A fresh, new, and deeper perspective on a classic era., 24 February 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I like this show quite a bit. I've watched all episodes of all seasons thus far, and expect to continue until the end. The story is one that most, if not all of us are at least familiar with. King Arthur, the nights of the round table, Camelot, etc. I've always enjoyed stories from that era.

Thus comes Merlin to the scene. The focus of the show is around his character. While on the surface, it may seem that he is somewhat of a common shrub, he has a secret identity. His true identity, which is only known to a few trusted people, saves Camelot, and for that matter, Arthur, on numerous occasions.

You get to see (a perspective of) how the relationship between characters developed over time, and then fell apart. I like(d) this. It provided a little bit more background, and progress of events, and relationships than what others have done in the past.

While I will admit that there are some aspects that seem a little cliché', over-baked, been there, done that, and what not, it does not take too much away from the flavor of the show. Some things bear repeating, even if they have already been done, over and over again. The show has a great appeal and charm to it. The characters are likable, although you may be left to wonder whether some elements were even possible during that time in history. It raises some questions, which could, in a sense, lead some to investigate the truth of history. For others who do not wish to investigate history, it offers a unique vantage point.

From a sociological perspective, there are peoples behaviors and interactions amongst them that can be observed and learned from. Regardless of my momentary lapse into scholarly analysis, it is a good show, one of which I am quite pleased with and would recommend to others. Well done BBC, and Britain. Keep it going. Credit to Sci-Fy channel for making it available to those of us in the U.S.

"Grimm" (2011)
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Plesantly surprising, and engaging show!, 24 February 2012

This show has appeal and intrigue, which is why I really like it. In many ways, it is believable, or makes a solid attempt to be (although elements of fantasy might not be a match for some peoples limited reality). It awakens your imagination and pushes it a little further. It is exciting and the action is constant in its delivery, which keeps your interest. You don't always know what to expect, while at other times, you may try to solve the mystery and prove yourself right, or wrong.

The characters are engaging and likable, for the most part. There are some that are waiting in the wings to make their "big move", but you kind of assume that…and wait for it. You may not be certain as to their "true" role in the grand scheme of things.

While some "horror" elements exist, they are limited, appropriately concealed for network TV, and easily digested. This does not, in my opinion, take away from the x-factor that this show delivers. The show makes you feel as though you are a part of it, and allows you to put yourself in one of the roles, if you dare to imagine.

In the beginning, I thought that it was a blend of CSI and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. However, after watching all the episodes, it has made its own unique mark. Therefore, the GRIMM has a "thumbs up" from me. Keep it going, or at least find a good adoptive station to carry its flag.

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Somewhat Underwhelmed, 20 January 2012

I too am an avid sci-fi fan and had high hopes for this show. Supposedly, it was supposed to be like a TV-series version of Independence Day. Well, not so much. The plot seemed interesting enough, in the beginning, although the story started losing its flavor for me after about episode 3. Nonetheless, I stuck with it and finished watching the entire season, in hopes that it would improve. This happened, only marginally in the last 2 episodes of the season. After reflecting on the time I invested in viewing, I am somewhat disappointed and almost wish I could get that time back. Regardless, it filled a void for a short time. Although currently aired on TNT and unfamiliar with their goals, I don't see this show gaining much traction with audiences or advertisers. Here's hoping for something much more engaging on the horizon.