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From marvel to dc and a few others
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super sentai, kamen rider, ultraman and metal heroes
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these are all movies that aired on toonami, the first half is anime stuff and the second half are other stuff
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I think these shows should get a complete series dvd release
with all the episodes in box sets or any kind of dvd sets now some of these might already have series release but not here in the u.s and some just only had one or two seasons release on dvd or no dvd release at all so I think these shows should be on dvd season sets.
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Anime shows that i love'd to death some of these are one's that i grow up watching on foxkids, kidswb, toonami, etc
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best kisses and best sex. keep in mind this is just my opinion
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My childhood shows that i have seen when i was young and some of these might be little kids shows but i put them here because i enjoyed watching them when i was young. some of these are pbs kids and others are from different channels. all of these are apart of my childhood.
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This is the ultimate list of worst films of the past years, some of these are a disgrace to what there based on afew of them could be a little enjoyable watch if you got nothing to do but most of them were utter disappointments and you would wanna pass them up. so without any further ado lets get on to the list shall we.
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some of these shows only had ever afew episodes or just ran for one season
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this is why I got angry at the nostalgia critic because he reviews movies that I really have a like some of them I saw when I was young and whenever he insults any of them I kinda start to lose it cuss him out. but now i decide to let this go as long as i don't watch any of the videos now i only base the character not doug walker himself