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NO other movie like it has ever been made! A Permanent CLASSIC!
19 September 2004
Where to begin? I WISHED the adults in my life took me to see it when it first came out! But alas, it would be years later when I'd first see it, on TV, and on VHS, then many more times on TV. READ the list of cast from start to end! You will be amazed who was in this movie! Including Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia in Star Wars), and even Steven Spielberg acted in this movie too!

Everyone should be required to see this movie, as kids, teens, and adults! Every age group will enjoy this movie. NICE family movie too! The kids and adults will 100% enjoy watching it. It is sooo sad that many of those music legends are forgotten, are not taught about in any school, and remain unknown! I never knew who Ray Charles was until I finally saw this movie! Possibly the first ever movie in which the soundtrack sold as well as the movie. There is even a tribute to Elvis at the very end. The re-watch factor is NICE - one never ever gets tired of re-watching this movie over and over! Which is unheard of with present day movies.
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After Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, The Black Hole... there is this movie!
19 September 2004
When I was a teeny, tiny, kid, I remember throughly enjoying this movie, the second movie in my entire life I had seen during its original release. (Superman was my first one.) The different characters were fun. The other supporting stars more fun, and fascinating, than the intended main star.

As an adult, this movie is bland. It rode on the coattails of Star Wars, after Battlestar Galactica, The Black Hole... so low on the coattails that it was touching the ground... almost being dragged LOL!

The F/X are obviously dated. Though some of them are still decent. At lest most of the ships have original designs, instead of copying the ship designs in other space movies! There is no acting at all in this movie LOL! There is no story, no plot, no memorable dialogue! Right now in present time 2004, any High School A/V Film student could make this exact movie, in a few weeks.

I decided to comment on this movie because thinking about it brings back long deep memories of an era in my life when things were sooo simple. Even finding enjoyment from a simple movie like Battle Beyond the Stars!
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Alligator (1980)
Great to watch on Late Night TV !
19 September 2004
I never saw it when it originally came out. But I have seen it numerous times on late night television. Wonderful to watch on late night TV! It was made for late night TV! The basic plot, basic acting, etc... all scream "made for late night TV!"

Just something to watch, and keep you entertained, while passing the time until you feel sleepy enough to go back to bed again.

The F/X are well done. Nothing cheesy. I personally like the beginning the best. Though the entire movie is good enough to be watchable. Just another "what if" monster movie. In the same vein as "Squiggle" (about monster worms!", "THEM" (terror Ants), terror bees, terror rats, terror birds, etc.... In this case it is a terror alligator!
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Airplane! (1980)
One of the most classic ALL AROUND comedies of all time!
19 September 2004
No matter how tightly clenched you have been holding your buttcheeks for decades of your life ..... this movie will make you relax your buttcheeks at least one time, if not more! There is at least 1 scene in this movie for someone! At least 1 scene that will make everyone laugh - no matter how "grown up" they are, or think they are. The re-watch factor is incredible! There are sooo many famous lines, scenes without lines, in this movie!

My favorite character is the crazy airport worker named Johnny. My most favorite quote of his is "Just Kidding" as he gives a bright smile while re-plugging in the runway lights! LOL! Hilarious! I first saw it on VHS tape while I was very young, maybe around age 12 or so. I appreciate it even more now as an adult or "adult". :)
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Alien (1979)
Shame on any movie Buff who has NOT seen this movie yet!
3 February 2004
I was around 12yrs old when I first saw this movie, with my father, late one night when it came on TV (back when families had only 1 TV in the entire house! :) I was throughly scared from watching anymore after the first most famous scene. I also didn't sleep good that night. A few years later, around 14yrs of age, I saw it again on cable TV, alone, late at night.(we still had 1 TV in the entire house! But it was a new one now :) I forced myself to watch the entire movie and I absolutly ENJOYED it! I was shocked most at the fact the movie made me jump at certain parts. Right now I am past age 20. And whenever I re-watch it, there's at least 1 scene that still makes me jump heheh. Even though I know ahead of time it's coming. Looking back now, I now understand what an incredible movie this was. It DEFINED a new type of genre. It DEFINDED new situations, new F/X, and a host of new ideas. "ALIEN" went even further than the often mentioned "THING".

No movie since, fantasy or horror or sci-fi, has captured EVERYTHING that defined what makes "ALIEN" a bona fid classic! My most favorite part is that the "enemy" is just as smart, and even smarter, than the main characters who are also very intelligent.
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Superman (1978)
First ever "modern F/X" movie!
3 February 2004
This was the first ever movie I saw at a movie theater in my entire life. I was sooo young back then, but I have a perfect memory of seeing it. I remember after it was over running up to the front and looking behind the curtains thinking there were hand puppets behind it LOLOL!

This is an EXCELLENT F-A-M-I-L-Y movie! Perfect for kids as well as adults. It saddened me that the more recent Batman movies, as well as later Superman movies, felt a need to use formula story aka the main character beds the woman exactly after a certain time.

The superhero in this movie was REAL - he cried, he got angry, acted selfish, and even hinted at how he could use his powers in michevious ways. It was things like these examples, and how the Hero deals with it, that made this movie sooo nice... standing the test of time, and a CLASSIC! Without mindless violence, cussing, sex, and more of the former and latter.

This movie did NOT rely on the F/X to carry it. Though the F/X were incredibly groundbreaking at the time, and still hold up today. I'm also amazed they were able to get soo many big name actors for it. I guess they were Superman fans when they were kids heheh.
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Animal House (1978)
Belushi at his BEST!
3 February 2004
I never saw it when it originally came out. I would've been too young anyway to understand, plus too young to be admited in. I saw this movie the first time on cable. Then re-watched it numerous times on cable and over a friend's house on his VHS system. I've never been a huge fan of Saturday Night Live (where Belushi got his start.) So I never was part of Belushi's following, thus never became a big fan of his.

But watching him in this movie, as someone who's not a fan of his, Belushi scores perfect! I can't think of anyone else who could do his character like him. This movie was MADE for HIM.

The rest of the stars also shine. Hey, its a movie about COLLAGE LIFE

circa 1970's. And it captures it very well. The mood, the different characters, the acting, the setting, the script, everything. There should be a "collage movie" made for every decade me thinks! Heheh. :)
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Luke skywalker trades in his landspeeder for a Corvette!
3 February 2004
I never saw this movie when it first came out. The adults in my life did start taking me to movies back in 1978, but I guess they didn't care to pay to see this one. I would see it YEARS later on Cable TV around age 14.

This is a decent movie. Definatly the definition of a "sleeper". It's a solid 1970's Sleeper Classic/Classic Sleeper. A guy and his souped up car traveling around. A-la Sonny Crokett (of Miami Vice fame) and his earlier mid 1970's movie with Nick Nolte with them and their souped up car traveling around.

Mark Hamill gives a decent performance, as do the rest of the cast. Nothing Oscar-nominating, but watchable. Just a nice, light, watchable, movie about a guy, his car, and his (mis)adventures. Nice California locations too! Nice little movie.
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Star Wars on TV....
3 February 2004
This movie, universe, series, further capitalized on the Star Wars phenomina, along with other well known movies "Battle Beyond the Stars", and "Black Hole". I very, very, vaguely remember this movie when it came out. So I'm not going to make any real comments on it.

BUT I do remember the culture of the times when this movie came out. And about that I can very seriously comment. Every kid had the Battle Star Galactica fighter ship models and toys. I remember they shot little missiles out of the gun turrets. I remember how the Cylon fighter's wings streched out from the ship with a click of a switch. I also remember how around age 8 I made my own Battlestar Galactica fighter ship model using 3 used toilet paper tubes and paper meche. It came out very nice too! I had a Starbuck action figure. All this just shows how popular this movie was with kids, and even though it didn't set box office records - it did make a lasting mark.

Where I lived every kid had the Battlestar Galacitica craze right before the Star Wars craze hit full force and 100x's stronger.
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