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"Grimm" (2011)
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Great show with a well written characters and story., 2 February 2012

Grimm is one of a few shows with realistic characters who are neither perfectly benevolent nor malicious. The lead character is a detective who is sent on a mission by his dying aunt to rid Portland, Oregon of evil people who are actually not completely human. The protagonist is not perfect as he frequently looks out for many of his own needs taking advantage of other people in the process. He is mostly good, but not perfect which is exactly what the show needs. Furthermore, I enjoy role of the protagonist's girlfriend. She is aware he has a secret and she wants to help, but he knows telling her about who he is will place her life in danger. The protagonist has an official and unofficial partner which is a great twist in the show because it divides the show into two halves. Part of the show is dedicated to solving the official crime and the other part of the show is dedicated to catching the evil partial people. The unofficial partner is possibly the best character in the show because he believes he should assist the protagonist to make up for his troubled past. The reason I am not giving this show a 10 is because I am getting tired of the show taking place entirely in Portland, Oregon. How does the protagonist find so many of these partial human creatures, which are supposed to be fairly rare, just in the city of Portland alone? It is starting to get a little silly when the "rare" creatures account for about 1/10 of the population. However, this is the only major flaw of the show and it is easy to overlook. In a scale of 1-10 in which 1 is the worst, 10 is the best and 5 is average. This show is a 9/10 Great and highly recommended.

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Great show, ruined by a benevolent villain., 2 February 2012

Once Upon a Time is a good show which does a fantastic job linking the past to the present. Most of the characters are great and I especially love some of the bit character's unique personalities. Unfortunately, the villain is not evil. The "ultimate" curse does little more than send story book characters to Maine, which is not a curse. Am I supposed to feel empathy for people cursed never to find their true love? Is this really the worst curse an evil person can think of? The conflict between the protagonist and the antagonist is nothing but a war of words which results in a perpetual stalemate. Simply replacing the annoying villain whose only talent is boring someone to death, with a more evil, malicious and vindictive villain will significantly improve the show. In a scale of 1-10 in which 1 is the worst score, 10 is the best and 5 is average. This show is a 7/10. This is well above average.

Serenity (2005)
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Not as good as the show., 21 January 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This review contains many spoilers and this is your final warning. These spoilers include spoilers to the show "Firefly".

All my reviews start with what I expected, what the movie is and what I thought of it.

I expected this movie to start where the TV show left off and produce a meaningful conclusion since the idiots at Fox cancelled the show after only one season.

Unfortunately the movie decided to alter many of the best parts of the show replacing quality with cheap low quality sci-fi crap. Some of the characters look like funny ghouls and zombies from the 50's B movies. Why? I cannot think of a better way to write this review, then going in chronological order of the movie.

Instead of using previous villains which were great characters and few killed off, the movie adds a new villain who reminds me of a bad sci-fi villain. Why not bring back the mysterious agents or the bounty hunter, who was not killed in the final show and what about Niska? Reavers, who were scary and mysterious in the show, are laughable and idiotic zombies in the movie. The last scene is joke because reavers are supposed to be regular people who last their minds, not brainless ghouls without any hand-eye coordination. The only image the show provides of a reaver is the only survivor of a ship attacked by them and he mutilates himself to look like one. He was scary because he still looked human, but very crazy. This is what reavers in the movie should have looked like, not the brainless ghoul look. My last major gripe was what happened to River. In the show she is extremely intelligent and able to use her intelligence to utilize guns, ships and enjoys dancing. The movie changes her character into the Hulk, but instead of anger, subliminal messages make her kill everyone. This once again leads me back to the climax of the movie. It can be summarized by "The Matrix" meets "Night of the Living Dead". Neither of which belong in this movie. All that said the movie is not all bad. It does start exactly where the show left off and other then River and the villain everyone else is the same. In fact, the parts between the beginning with the annoying villain and idiotic ending are quite good other than River going all Hulk. I recommend everyone who enjoyed the show to watch the movie, but do not watch the movie if you have not seen the show. The show is much better and watching the movie first will ruin the show. In my rating system 1-10 and 1 is the worst movie, 10 is perfect and 5 is average. This movie is a 6/10. Above average. It is a shame because if it was as good as the show I would rate it at least an 8/10.