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Feature films I've seen in 2016 (films 40+ minutes).

RW means that this is a rewatch of a film.
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Not ranked
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These are the movies in my movie collection. If film is mentioned couple of times, it's no mistake but that I own many copies of it.

369-375 - Only Chinese Subs

Not on IMDB:

En Dag Eller To (H. Pálmason, 2012 short film)
Daimi (2012 short film)
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Mostly just directors of whom I've seen one or two short films or segments or from whom I've seen nothing.
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Mostly essentials.

The first series are the ones I'm currently watching
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Films I've seen in 2015. Re watches are marked with RW.
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From most favorite to least favorite - don't take the ranking too seriously though. First 65 are pretty accurate but then it becomes more vague.
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- Miguel Gomes
- Carlos Reygadas
- Lav Diaz
- Bruno Dumont
- Abderrahmane Sissako
- Jafar Panahi
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a list of 10 people
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Based on my taste.
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Here Even So (Eli Hayes, 2014)
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Not ranked!
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Not ranked!

Directors from whom I hope great things but who seem to have lost the power of their early works:

- Takeshi Kitano
- Dario Argento
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RW - seen it some other year but watched again!

Short films more than 30 minutes counted!
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- O Pavo Organrado (1976)
- 25 (1977)
- Musica Mocambqique (1980)
- Mueda, Memoria e Massacre (1981)
- Canta Meu Irmao Ajuda Me a Cantar (1982)
- Frutos Da Nossa Colheita (1984)
- Frontières sanglantes (1987)
- O Vento Sobra Del Norte (1987)
- Devil’s Harvest (1988)
- Fogata (1992)
- A Arvore dos Antepassados (1995)
- A Guerra da Água (1995)
- O Jardim do Outro Homem (1996)
- Mar de Crenca (1996)
- Comedia Infantil (1998)
- Street Wheels (1998)
- Light Drops (2002)
- Desobediência (2003)
- Kuxa Kanema, Birth of Cinema (2003)
- Great Bazaar (2006)
- Night Lodgers (2007)
- Terra Sonâmbula (2007)
- Mozambique (2010)
- Home Is Where You Find It (2010)
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11-15 - New Wave Cinema
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New year, new list! Gonna put every single movie down here like I did last year (Watched 2012). Dates marked European style: day.month.year!

RW - means that I've seen that movie before

Also documents are counted.
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List of movies I've seen starting 16.5.2012. Dates are marked in European way. Day.Month.Year. In this list there are no all movies I've seen but most of them! I have an other list for those movies. Thanks!